Strange like: Facebook mobile APP development a failure

in terms of mobile, Facebook fierce, for $19 billion annexation of North America’s biggest mobile chat WhatsApp. On the new product development, Facebook also take lightning tactics, follow competitors launch new products in succession. However, according to data from the various Facebook launched a month ago the Slingshot burn after reading tool, has largely failed, the product or not even within the free software before 1000.

Facebook had $3 billion bid for burn after reading mode of Snapchat, but was rejected. It is generally believed that Slingshot is Facebook’s “angrily” product, and Snapchat a fight to the end. Slingshot increased compared with those of Snapchat “want to see the photo of my hair, first send me a” the innovation function.

on June 9, Facebook accidentally released a Slingshot in apple’s app store, and then quickly removed from aircraft. Comments from the outside world, in Facebook after eight days, officially released iOS and android version of the Slingshot, main characteristic is Snapchat burn after reading mode, and Facebook website content permanent preservation, formation of differentiation.

today, Slingshot launch, has been almost a month but it depends on the Facebook, the software of the tree, basically complete evaporation from AppStore various software list.

in AppStore on the next day, the Internet is full of curiosity, Slingshot downloads in America, once let it entered the iOS software for free in the United States in the top 50. But according to the mobile Internet market research firm, “APPAnnie Slingshot then downloads appeared in freefall, currently in the United States, free software before 1000, couldn’t find a Slingshot.

the android version of the situation is bad. According to Google Play, according to Slingshot cumulative downloads between thousand to 500000. And in the android ecosystem, generally after startup android software development, look forward to the first months of downloads, to more than one hundred thousand times.

apparently, Slingshot are not new products, its early release of media attention, and more than all of the products before Facebook, but both android and iOS version of the downloads, disappointing.

the science and technology news website Mashable question, whether can think Slingshot is now a failure of the product? Determine the answer to the question, however, also need to consider to many factors.

earlier this year, the internal set up a new department, known as the “innovation laboratory”, the task is on Facebook’s flagship client, developed other independent competitive mobile applications. In the past, Facebook launched in Messenger (mobile chat tools), Poker (already failed a burn after reading tools), once through the Facebook client vigorously promote, Facebook into the train of thought, now want to have a look at its mobile applications, whether out of Facebook’s mother, self independent development.

a, according to sources close to Facebook when setting up innovation laboratory, Facebook is put forward, to reset the expected values for independent mobile application development, especially the new application to obtain user scale.

according to Facebook’s new way of thinking, the future of mobile application development goals, not the number of users is as high as possible in the mass market, but each application specific niche users.

in other words, Facebook may not wish to internal or external users, employees will Slingshot Messenger, sets, the number of users, with “biconditional gate brothers” applications such as direct contrast, users have hundreds of millions of these applications.

according to the report, and Facebook client, internal innovation lab, take the small team combat mode, such as the development of news Paper client has 15 developers, develop Slingshot has 10 people. These small team is currently collecting users’ feedback, and to make perfect products. But so far, although the user downloads a downturn, but the Slingshot has not released any new version.

one source said, early for the outside world for the reaction of the software, the Slingshot team excited. They plan to launch more features and version, but there is no specific timetable.

however, even if, in accordance with the internal rules of Facebook, lower product user scale is not failure. But in the outside world to see, if a mobile application did not attract more number of users to install, will inevitably face huge question.

before the Slingshot, Facebook released mobile application is most influential news Paper client. Early in January to launch the iOS version, release, its elegant interface design, get the good press, today, however, Paper downloads ranking, 1000 before has not entered the iOS software for free. In addition, the Paper top time, longer than Slingshot.

, according to media analysis in these independent applications, Facebook team introduced some innovative features, if the market feedback is good, Facebook’s future will be to integrate innovation into the mainstream of the client.

however, from Paper to Slingshot, and reportedly has disbanded the development team’s android desktop product “Home”, a series of independent Facebook application, not roil, the worry is that it won’t hurt Facebook brand.

according to the New York times reported that the Home desktop development team, several strength strong developers have left the team, to join the new project, but Facebook said will arrange personnel to product maintenance. Due to the user’s smart phone interference is too large, the Home was a criticism after desktop publishing, HTC company introduced the installation of the desktop phone, poor sales, then there is no a mobile phone manufacturers pre-installed Home desktop android phones.

some analysts pointed out that Facebook’s independent mobile applications, generally made a mistake, that is despite the exquisite design, products of good quality, but to enter the time too late, has been unable to shake with the strength of the software within the territory. Burn after reading, for example, Snapchat as inventors have first-mover advantage, brand a household name, the user is not necessary for a same function, switch to the on Facebook Slingshot.

in the same news aggregation on the client side, the market is already a compny, one of the famous unique, as early as in 2010 has been released, had occupied the aggregation reading tools monopoly advantage. Facebook’s Paper, despite the design has a bright spot, but the main characteristic is still follow a unique rivals such as function, so the natural can’t attract a large number of new users.

source: tencent technology