Su ning in the virtual operator to push PPTV mobile phones

hunting cloud network on April 29

a suning internal friend tell you hunting, su ning in the near future will also push the phone! To open a conference in May. And stressed that the phone is like PPTV box, apply PPTV into system at the bottom of the video phone, not just on the phone, one app with that!

suning idle pushing a video phone? With their own chains, electricity not anything to do like this!

then we hunt a brainwave, virtual operators. Then hurriedly cross-examine the kiss then mum, says he knows so much. Ha ha. Then just suning’s latest news, su ning in the May 1 open virtual operator them roughly 170 appointments.

so quiet for a long time on the Internet of suning, finally began to summon up courage to draw a beautiful capital market pie!

when suning acquisition PPTV, many people call what’s wrong with this world? Look not to understand. Hunting cloud network in interpretation, the analysis about the situation.

is the future of mobile video era, as a channel ShangSuNing electronic stores, can rely on their own channel advantage change video industry. And the combination of virtual operators and video, can make suning and user closer and more viscous, can dig more value-added services. step into the Internet in the world, keep up with the trend.

and suning to push PPTV mobile phone is actually own channel integration advantages, combined with the virtual carriers, Internet video web sites closed-loop ecological. But su ning is it necessary to push such a phone?

to know suning sell field collection of counter, almost all brand mobile phone if suning themselves on mobile phones, will cause other brand mobile phone, cause rebound? And the suning will have own stores of mobile phone, TV, all built in PPTV app, another phone not reinvent the wheel?

but used smartphone basic all know that this way of built-in app how uncoordinated and distasteful. Due to the large electronic distributors is not much, this phone is probably play concept of suning, technology accumulation point, how many will give point face handset makers.

the suning will do what kind of mobile phone? May also is working with his mobile phone manufacturer, to do an in-depth customised version.