Su Ningxin attack: a one hundred – day battle, sending 1.8 billion micro letter

a recent internal mail near east were leaked propaganda to build “one hundred – day battle” open a suning, the Internet is the crucial transition after the war, the important mystery solved.

today, Su Ningyun business operational headquarters, executive vice President li bin revealed a new game for 818 anniversary Su Ningyi. Deployment according to the group, suning will start from August, full access to take the initiative to attack phase, the user experience as the core, launched a full category, full channel, the whole area, all-weather “one hundred – day battle”, continues to the double tenth eve. In order to attract users to participate in, is to use the social media to issue 1.8 billion WeChat Lucky Money. At the same time launched “of a day,” sharp “and other special services.

for the current su ning, after making one body two wings “strategy deployment last year, this year is to enter the essence of the strategy implementation phase, zhang also urgently need specific big battle near east to verify the overall effect, and to inspire their own potential. And give him confidence is the performance of growth, in the United States in the second quarter, suning overall sales rose 23.71%, 50.97% yoy increase online sales income.

in addition, suning’s “one hundred – day battle” also avoids the jingdong 618 cats and day double peak shopping festival, rob retail market. Suning will make full use of the O2O mode expand counter-offensive, stores, PC, mobile and smart TV side will all channels to war, and down into 818, back-to-school, Mid-Autumn National Day and a series of battles, fully display the transformation of achievements of suning.

among them, 818 for the fifth anniversary of the anniversary as a one hundred – day battle Su Ningyi ShouYi, in addition to the big promotion theme activity, will also through the micro letter a red envelope, “flash”, big $0 means to attract consumers. From August 17th, Su Ningyi purchase will issue 1.8 billion anniversary of red envelopes. The user can not only to receive a red envelope, also can copy to your friend, a friend brought how many, the user can get the total amount of accumulated amount of bonus red envelopes, up to 818 yuan.

in terms of distribution, suning three main service “half”, “fast” and “a day of all will be fully implemented in August. Not only that, but will also introduce the high value goods gloves testing machine, waste generation, express delivery box of differentiated services such as recycling.