Subscribe to the charge? Charging Doblet to build public toilets as convenient service

we have all had that experience. When out for the day, our phone will suddenly pop up low battery warning. If you’re lucky, you’ll find just around your bar counter can give you a mobile phone charging power supply. And if you are not so lucky, so there is no way you could use their phones to take a taxi, instead, is to walk or take a bus to go home.

but if there is a Y Combinator company investment Doblet, you can when you go for your mobile phone charge it with electricity. Company is prepared to can recharge Android and iPhone portable power supply in bars, restaurants, cafes. So that the user had two options, the first can cost $3, a charge; Can pay $30 second annual subscription fee, charge number is not restricted.

in order to use Doblet, you must download and install the iOS or Android applications – it allows you to search to the most recent available where the charger supplier. Then you need to submit the request of the charging, it can let you rent a Doblet portable power supply equipment. You can on the application for this Doblet service fee, and then you can be left with Doblet free activities or, at a time convenient to return again.

Gurson joked that Doblet implements Stephen Colbert (Stephen Colbert, host) dream about to the surrounding recharge cell phones. Stephen Colbert Elon Musk in July (Elon Musk) for t he program, it puts forward the idea.

“I hope I can have a subscription service charging system, as a result, wherever I go, in the United States will have a charger with me.” Stephen Colbert said with a smile.

Musk said they would do it, but Jeff Chang and Doktor Gurson thor ยท gul’s (g) seems to beat him, and have completed the task.

this week Doblet services have began trial operation in three places, but by the end of September, founder is expected to provide Doblet service 50 sites in San Francisco.

co-founder told me, wait until Doblet service the first formal operation, if the user is in San Francisco in another place, they might even provide door-to-door to collect Doblet service.

Jeff Chang and Doktor Gurson launched Doblet company from the beginning to now, both of them experience the unique life path. Jeff Chang in advanced placement while reading several times, only 20 years, and he has graduated from New York university school of medicine. Before this, he has also served as a radiologist, and recently also have a master’s degree in the direction of artificial intelligence. Doktor Gurson calls himself a “serial entrepreneur”, he had earlier worked in business web hosting company.

Doktor Gurson told me that he is Doblet inspiration for the first time in a bar, then someone with a quick phone asked if he charger is power off. Doktor Gurson at the time said it lent him two dollars. The man smiled to smile away, but in the evening, Doktor Gurson met him again, he told Doktor Gurson said he paid $15 for a new mobile phone charger.

“later he met me, that should definitely give me two dollars.” Doktor Gurson said.

although I often mobile phone battery ran out, but I’m still on the $30 annual subscriptions are sceptical. Because this is equivalent to its price to buy a mobile power supply, and put a phone charger with hand bag don’t have to pay. But Jeff Chang and Doktor Gurson thought their service has a special place, because people will often forget to take these additional equipment, or forget to spare batteries. So in terms of my personal experience, and this is the case.

they said Doblet and existing airport hotel charge clothes closet and locker charging mode provided by the different retail stores. Because users can take Doblet portable power supply, and can also use mobile phone during charging. The user does not need to stand beside the clothes closet waiting, or throw the phone charge inside the locker.

this is based on the geographic location of the application, not only can let users search when cell phone quickly without electricity to the nearby Doblet service businesses, also can bring new customers to bars and restaurants. If the businesses will be able to give their customers with Doblet services, businesses can also get profit sharing.

I hope the next time when I phone no electricity, I can find Doblet nearby.