Subsidies era di di after a taxi: push rob single hardware + docking

in the weakened dramatically increase subsidies, subsidies after industry into the era, click a taxi then how to develop?

in today’s media communication meeting, held a taxi bleep co-founder and vice President of product technology aoj announced he was rob single hardware, mass production is expected to launch in May. This product can be installed in the taxi driver on the steering wheel, let the driver while rob single will not affect driving safety. In the previous, the driver is in the use of mobile phones and install the APP to timely to listen to and single.

aoj said, taking a taxi industry has risen from massive subsidies to rob customer marketing war war into products and services for the user experience. Place the order with a taxi “software passengers, the driver order process will not change, but the background of the push system is more and more complicated.”

in addition, a taxi bleep will also work with the public comment on cooperation, on its APP which access to the service, it also means that click services further widened. To be sure that the two companies have the same investors – tencent. Behind this strategy, is di di to borrow partners provide preferential content to attract and maintain customers.

click the official site, according to bring users due to subsidy wars, as of the end of march users has reached 100 million, among them, 19.8% hardcore users stand, a fan is about 35.7%, the average user is 27.4%, 17.1% early adopters.