Sup, let you become the director of life

hunting cloud network reported on August 14

“Snapchat is out of date” in front of it, a teenager so highly of Sup. Sup is a newly developed applications, every time it recorded 10 seconds of your life clips to send your friends. Don’t see it as simple as that, its attraction lies in: it will direct you to a certain direction straight ahead or turning, will you become a member of the video game. Sup is Stamped and Milewise Yahoo bought by a company, the founder of the development. They left the Yahoo, later to Sup. Introduced a new Sup for social media elements: interactivity. With it, you can no longer be your friend life bystander, control will be in your hands.

what Sup?

the following is the working principle of this iOS application: you send a Sup request to one or a few friends and invite them to open the cell phone camera to show you their lives. If someone to agree to your request within five minutes, you will receive a reply message say they are ready to start the Sup. To open the application, you will receive them sent silent video broadcast for 10 seconds. Of course, if you want to continue to watch, you can click on the “Mo” Time “.

in the process of Sup with friends, you can to the left, right, up, slide down the screen to direct them to walk and adjust the phone location. You can also press the “take” button to ask them to flip phone, make the lens to yourself. You can use emoticons on the screen to thank them or command them, such as a smile, a kiss, the devil, muscle as well as the dance and so on. Although sometimes video fidelity will look like Snapchat is low, but due to the LTE and 4 g data connection, such as battery life and pixel advances, such as Sup software can be normal use, for the first time ever.

“we think we are a video company at the beginning, but then we realized that we are a transport company.” Sup co-founder and product designer Anthony Cafaro told me so. Sup’s goal is: no matter where are your friends, we can send you the first time to go to him. This is why the company will be movie posters plastered with office in Being John Malkovich. Sup co-founder and CEO Bart Stein says Sup makes you feel you’re filming a movie, “your friends contact sheet is cast, and you are the director of them.”

you will never know what is happening on the other side of the Sup. May be some exciting things, such as your friend is a person busy streets or party. May be some common scenarios, such as they are working or at home. Because Sup is a interactive software, so I’ll try to make my friend climbed into the washing machine or slide down the fire escape, they will, in turn, let I feed my pet cat Kerfluffle or will slide to the pedestrian.

Sup is a product of Yahoo acquisition spree

in order to develop Sup, Stein, and left the Yahoo, Cafaro before mayer acquisition Stamped they recommend application has in the past year and a half, the acquisition is the first big acquisition mayer. Stein was founded and led products designed mayer Yahoo New York office. Sup of another business partner Nick Meyer in Yahoo to buy out his assistant company Milewise left Yahoo a year later. The founder of Yahoo through acquisitions by spent less than two years left. This phenomenon for just mayer molding product culture, is a disturbing signal. Everything, however, other. Yahoo’s loss is what Sup.

establish Sup rough prototypes for only 3.5 hours, so hold a selection for this conference a little too much. Fact is, by contrast, Sup earlier this year by Khosla Ventures, a partner at Keith Rabois quietly through the seed round of investment, and in apple’s app store has released two months ago, the application. Stein says he has seen all of entrepreneurial financing activities, never like Keith Rabois and Khosla Ventures, a gang of giggling nonstop. He knows that the application will be remarkable.

interactivity will lead the next trend of The Times

since Sup online, it’s a week growth rate reached 50%. Stein called the “real world” virus. People look at you run while holding a mobile phone the orders to your friends, they want to find out what on earth are you doing. Sup on the smart phone looks very silly, so it is likely to become a killer app on Google Glass.

although the Sup can only see your friends are doing, but soon it will add a new function, namely open your location, so want to interact with you stranger can directly contact with you. Stein, explained: “our company is to establish a can make people live video communication platform around the world.” Stein says Sup reluctant to execute one-to-many operation, because only in one to one, “you may feel completely control”. But it is also likely to make a group of people together in the future control of an activity, it’s kind of like democratic model on Twich play Pokemon.

the Sup novelty may be weakened over time, but people of Snaochat automatic destruction of photos is also say so. Social media is the norm in this ephemerality. But I felt that democratic interaction can stay down for long. Stein, said: “the two are very is not the same. In addition to see, there are many other factors formed a whole person, such as freedom and control.”

in the traditional social applications, just sitting there waiting you send message to you, or get unsolicited information of your screen. Have a Sup, you grasp the initiative, once bored, you can interrupt contact. Stein, promise: “you don’t see any things you don’t want to see.”