Super enterprise communication application of Slack to kill Microsoft Exchange

Stewart Butterfield has never send colleagues E-mail for four years. His company would have to mail to replace for a chat application, the application can be implanted into almost all their beloved like Twitter, making, Dropbox such applications. Due to this chat application is so good, when Glitch Butterfield company collapse, he decided to officially launch the chat application to back on the streets.

in a start-up company which months, Slack users, as its name suggests, has extensive mass foundation, rise the other people. Use it every day in more than 125000 people, of which more than 13000 users from like eBay, Sony, Yelp, NBCUniversal such a big company. Active users has more than doubled by the end of that year, and more importantly, high utilization rate of extraordinary, user login for nearly ten hours a day. Wired in a recent report as saying: “Slack have pampered, that some companies even as it as massage and an unlimited supply of bacon on Friday dinner usually employee benefits.”

Butterfield developed Flickr, at first, only to landmark changed the photo sharing mode. The Slack of the back is his latest achievements. He spent a few minutes in the interview, this paper expounds the emails in the future, it will be Microsoft’s failure to adapt to the development in the 21st century, at the same time explains why with 10 application at the same time it is no wonder that chat with my friends.

users using Slack is to entirely replace work email?

yes, since the childhood to three to ten people or one hundred people from the team’s team, can be very useful to no avail, if half the team have used an app, that the whole team will soon don’t have it.

we are unable to accurately describe “of” a total of how much is left in the E-mail, but we push the friends always say so-and-so private E-mail usage reduced a percentage, some 80% some 50%. We really heard from completely stop using email. Slack is a no matter what are you doing can be all-weather open applications. You could be with Google on the Internet, see the file, with Salesforce or Excel, but as long as you need to keep in touch with other members in the team, you’ll have to all-weather open.

Slack designed is alternative email?

all people complain about the mail is not working, and there are many ways to replace the mail. Like they never rare plugin or a variety of clients. And a lot of people’s communication is inherently difficult to manage, access to a wealth of information is more difficult. Email become worse and worse in the past ten years, ten years ago, 50% – 60% of the E-mail sent to you or someone else’s, now only 8% to 10%. The remaining ninety percent E-mail is sent by a machine, email marketing, receipts, reply the new Twitter, Facebook, comments, statements, monthly earnings, etc., etc.

I open the mailbox, family, friends, partners outside the company E-mail, along with the above email like a pot of stew in a fog machine came at me. Slack is one of the benefits of this application, a click on the application is to look for my colleagues, was found in the colleague. This division greatly help us in the complex chaos to the limit of the work and life. So, tell me on the head and little a brain waves to manage these complicated, at the same time, improve the efficiency.

I turned to use Gmail is one of the great deep reasons, use it to communicate to make life easier, more storage space, then a convenient search options. Previous email then there is no search function, although after completion, email search function doesn’t do anything, but when you’re email search function but can help a lot. And look at Yahoo, I have to decide which I want to put the things into folders, and have received extremely limited information storage space. Since have the function of search, you got everything, you can search what you want, we tried to the whole team to promote the use of it.

Slack of the third party application integration function, it is designed in advance?

yes, obviously we began operation MMO game five years ago, we use the IRC chat, for a start we have only four people. This dream is not only a decision, but consider the all people use IRC to communicate. But we are not waiting for the mail or on sales statistics analysis report, today or in the new file from the file server alerts to hear database alert, but those are covered into the IRC. We suddenly found that, once the game is no longer operating, we from the system could not work like the original. So we created the Slack.

15 years ago, most of the software is provided by Microsoft, the mid – ninety – s, I am engaged in my first job, almost every product is from Microsoft. All products are the original design work, the flagship version of Windows, sharing Microsoft driver, and so on. Soon now, Microsoft’s turf, much smaller. It is a good thing for most of the company, because it gives them a choice in every product category, from the CDN to resource control, from the customer service support to product management and analysis.

in consumer point of view, there is a harm, that is the information they will all is everywhere. We use ZenDesk for customer service, and with a lot of people’s congress on Twitter kan kan, we use a lot of resource control, also with all internal tools, we get information from 3000 to 3000, from the human is from 10000 to 20000 external server information. Now we can use the search function to search for all the things we need. Search for the bug report more simple in the Slack.

when we start to do is not very clear, if we do a and external applications can send mail platform, effect that will be great. It would be easy to use, classic, focused and searchable information acquisition way.

what Slack?

we repeatedly stressed in one sentence to describe our products. If want to have more publicity we will say: “one-stop communication, real-time search, available everywhere”. From the market point of view, we will be more specific described as: “this is a platform for information exchanges and search, one-stop integrated read documents based on the powerful search tools”

all our goal is to build it into a team of science and technology base, whether they are doing sales, technology development, editing, and even medical equipment production, all the team needs to communicate with others, information is filling the air around.

centralized advantage is that, even if you forget to search or iOS app, centralization will different pieces of information integrated in the inbox, it contains the huge value. When someone next week to join your team, they can get historical data without having to do a new box empty.

have you thought about the future will E-mail into Slack?

email anytime soon withdrew from the historical stage, and we want to how to better integrate email come in. We want to control all of your contacts. We don’t want to make the Slack into a small mail client, but support mail charge is very good. Do have a better format, as I charge from the outside world a mail when I want to share with colleagues, I cut and paste into the Slack, but I really should have the function of the whole mail file to import.

what do you think of the difference between Slack and email?

we are solving the problem of information response, can be combined with the same period long after the session.

email is the most basic way, can get the information from one person to another person. In addition to have no other choice. Sometimes people will open Facebook messages, but 99% of cases, will send a message to people who do not know or use email.

last seven years, with the popularity of Facebook and the iPhone and other smart phones, people have more and more communication and no longer the preferred email, I use Google Hangouts and three people contact, contact with called iMessage — and four to five people, and the number of personal contact with Twitter, the sum is one of the few emails. Internal communication all use Slack, few people know. If you ask some colleagues how they contact a long-time partner, children or high school students or buddy, different people will use different ways to communicate in different applications, and getting used to it.

this is Slack can developed for one reason, are more likely to use an entry access different application framework model of communication way to communicate with people of different classification.

Slack compared to other chat applications or social applications?

we are tracking our active users, because if not use every day are not really in use. Minimum percentage in the facebook, and in professional applications, growth may be fairly quickly, because the design of the software is always in order to provide the service. We tried to obtain the data as a support, but actually it is difficult to establish, it is difficult to do backup, we have 12500 daily active users – open to read at least one message every day, after a day spent several hours at least in the application.