Swim long lury: from 80 after the rebellious to the listed company’s CEO

editor’s note: in March of this year, domestic a-share companies love makes co announced that marriage and issuing shares to pay cash capital swim long time (hereinafter referred to as “swim long”). To this day, swim long has been eleven years. Founder lury after 80 is a highly active temperament, and self-proclaimed rebellious, he swam for a long time company playing “listed on the stock market will play”.

police, a former soldier, also made a merit citation class ii. Go after shenzhen, leaflets done cleaning, accidental opportunity to start the computer training teacher, wages from a few thousand dollars up to more than 20000. The real first bucket at ease do computer training school in xian. Later in the game, as a webmaster, “the legend” private servers, QQ assistant, also made the warcraft RPG map. In 2012, long swim net with zhou qihoo 360 joint venture, after a year and a half, and choose to fly alone, out of 360 system, focusing on media and game publishers.

met with lury JiXueFeng director of giant network for many years, with the three key words to describe lury: local tyrants, game, sincere to others. And jokingly said: “had been lury use”. JiXueFeng said the lury do some gimmick with Zhou Hongyi like. Infinite energy, new ideas, but lack of concentration, otherwise things haven’t done, to do the update again.

local tyrants disguise

used to have a let me feel pain, I feel very tired, but still have to insist to do, is to get others’ trust must be put local tyrants. When we are still a small company, can not with others on the strength of positive, can only cover the defect of small company by using the method of some of the local tyrants, want others to ignore their own small, are willing to establish cooperation relationship with you.

remember the first time to go to ji (the giant network President JiXueFeng, journey 2 game producer) of the company to talk about things, specially bought a new BMW, not on brand, comes with a driver. Six months later sold the car, because have to mix the old age.

at that time, please always old age to have a meal, because everyone else, please don’t move, just make a sign of old age. To go to the giant’s celebratory dinner, it’s not really so like to participate in activities, but hope for the giant of the Marketing Department colleagues to see me with old age, the iron can swim for more support on the advertising budget. The early stage of the business, many places are stained with the light of old age, rely on him for help. Appreciate he was small in my company are equal support me treat me.

in fact, in the entrepreneurial process, a lot of bitter CEO knows only, can’t tell employees. This is the biggest CEO heart carry baggage. All the crisis only oneself know, all the people saw the long way more walk more good, but do not know this for 11 years, the company many times on the verge of death, go today really is a narrow escape.

however, in the future we have the capital of listed companies after power and endorsement, don’t need to rely on these tactics wins the trust of others. I can proudly tell our partners, to swim for a long time is a trustworthy company, is willing to long-term cooperation with you.

I have gratitude to the old age. Along the way, have helped several key to old age. So now, as long as ji openings, I have to help. I said two days ago to buy a house must be with him to buy a building, neighbors.

ji is one of the few to the person I know, he knew that I was actually a save people, make company is also very save. Early, in order to control cost, entertain clients order, often go to bulk. Middle main courses must be large, such as lobster, other dishes all along the menu prices, up from the lowest point. Customer, after finish will remember I ate lobster, forget the other side dishes.

I usually no one else can save way. For example, in Beijing or Shanghai to see customers, always around in the most luxurious day tens of thousands of five-star presidential suite. In fact, I buy in taobao internal ticket one day as long as several thousand yuan, the customer focus on the same day, about 20 minutes to chat, a word of mouth will spread outside, long is very rich, is a strength of the company.

intersect with me many years of friends know that I actually very simple, also very sincere to brother. I started to contact people would think I look pretty thief, contact time is long, will not have this feeling anymore.


I’m ten years old began to play games, often steal to play in the bed. The Internet didn’t ADSL dial-up Internet access, is called “cat”. The “cat” also don’t know how to return a responsibility, a networking is ringing, I often use the quilt cover up, but still will be my parents heard this, as long as heard will be beaten. Later, quite a long time, I study hard “cat” voice, broken several, study what ring, also didn’t succeed.

I like to play games. In addition to playing, sleeping when you talk with your not meeting, when others speak, I can play games, I practice the ability to multi task, don’t delay, have been used for so many years, into their lives.

then do private servers, “the legend” made a 230 million first year. Everyone see do the riches of the game, but ignore how many practitioners to die. Hundreds of games may be only one winner. Client like giant network game company, the flourishing national so many home, only five or six big now, hundreds of other companies.

a lot of people said attack game is bad, said a lot of children playing games doing ill. I want to say, water is quite good, but also can get drunk people support dead. Just because something may negate its disadvantages. In fact, the game make people more beautiful and happy. Like today speak material civilization and spiritual civilization and material civilization in the Internet age is online, but online shopping is another way of saying that, a new type of gynecopathy. Because all the women on taobao to buy all kinds of things every day. Occurrences is male counterpart of the game, and this is also a kind of spiritual civilization of the Internet era, satisfy people’s spiritual pleasure.

360 years

when time to 2011, I think the game industry in the integration period, alone is difficult to again. We repeatedly choice, all have the game background company refused. At that time, tencent with 360 gave me a letter of intent, I eventually chose 360 after I keep recurring. Because tencent has too much at that time, I’m not sure I in tencent system can do something, at the same time they also is a game company, I don’t want to every day for their game.

and 360 was very sincere, I talked with Lao zhou (zhou) and see the old qi (qi). Old qi patted me on the shoulder and said, young man, I think you can do something. When I think that’s settled, dry with them.

with Lao zhou is dry and a self learning with him to discuss products, this is also to 360 individuals are very important to me at that time. I think, from the product concept, the understanding of the user, the Lao zhou is Chinese Internet Daniel. I don’t play games with Lao zhou, only wanted. Although I have been a police worked as a soldier, but on the pistol shooting, really beat him. He rapid fire pistol especially good, I have seen a transcript of his best, is 50 meters, 98, 98, 92. I think it should be able to let him have a strong sense of security.

actually, Lao zhou was a very special person, I in the first nine years of entrepreneurship, has been a closed doors, director-general, progress is slow, although marriage had a pretty good also, but still there is no big breakthrough. Until Lao zhou contact of these two years, really well-grounded, the accumulation of the nine years before all there, like a enough stabbed, follow up. So a lot of people will feel to swim for a long time of walking quickly over the past two years, I want to say, thank you first have Lao zhou affirmative action over the past two years, of course, is closely connected with swim for a long time in the first nine years of accumulation.

360 shareholders have not swim for a long time now. We left the 360 system, this is Lao zhou encouraged me. His words are: “if we always give you a shackle, could you also hard to grow again”. He felt I late in 360 is a bit like a state when he was working with yahoo, was bound hand and foot, it is difficult to play out their flexible specialty. We both come to see just want to catch the first time the opportunity, but it must be a CEO to make decisions, he is the CEO, he can do but I am his holding company, the following will not be able to do so, to report everything. So I often feel missed opportunities, there will be setbacks, until do your own business is accustomed to freedom. Later, he encouraged me to myself out single cross, where he helped be open if necessary.

my partner

I started in the first nine years, business has always been around in the media game in this matter. I insist on doing good in the field of game media. But with the change of the industry trend, we should also keep up with the fast, such as mobile Internet tide now.

these two years, more and more, I realized that a company can develop well, in addition to CEO individual’s ability to fight alone, the key also depends on the team. I think if shi yuzhu had no course learn front, did not learn, inside a master feng and liu wei, a main outside collocation, there is no “journey”, “journey 2”, maybe there will be no today’s giant. It is also by the swim a long time, I and my partners work together.

my own short board, is that he has been doing personal webmaster, small ideas, understand to players, but the industry trend, master will be weaker in large market opportunities. So, I brought in a very complementary partner with me, is the former vice President of qihoo 360 generations. After working with 360, she also swim long President. She used to be the core of qihoo 360 executives, experience too many U.S. public companies. With 360 separate, she choose full-time to join swimming for a long time. In her words, swim a long time of phase is more suitable for her. Should say generation Lin is also under the consent of the week in a general understanding, second venture out.

generation Lin conflict, and I tend to listen to her. Because I think she was very clear sense of direction, is usually in the case of very sure to stick to one thing. So as long as she insist, I will not do.

, for example, in the second half of 2012, she reminded me that mobile game this wave to quickly, the company can’t miss, we should be a quick layout in hand tour area, through independent research and development should be polished a mobile game team, preparing for release next year, she said we should do a mobile game publishers, then everyone see her put forward this idea than industry in said earlier to almost half a year. I said yes, then you have to do a first hand. Our motivation is very good, soon put up his hands to swim team in Shanghai. Actually can do these things to me, but have not been to do this because I don’t know to do things have to do with my goal and ideal. Always think before I do the best game in the Chinese media is my ideal, later generations Lin became my partner, she said that you want is always to do game players like products, media, games, too. As long as you didn’t leave the game, not far from your ideal. Suddenly I feel as if my ideal more rich than the original, can do also.

about to enter the capital market, I don’t start this ambition. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull