Swim platform is a dream, a terrible pseudo concept

/han JingKui, Qingdao day network technology co., LTD CEO

at the beginning of an old friend of mine from swim to leave. Asked why, he said a words: repeat Wang Tao is 05 Chen done. Hear the answer, I was speechless at the moment. For those of us experienced the big storm, this is a heavy topic of “when you say nothing at all”.

about the so-called “dream” platform, from 05 grand begins to calculate case, 10 years, there have been a number of online game companies or Ming or dark tried swimming similar – not the first, also won’t be the last. As invaluable when grand platform strategy and a fraction of the perpetrators, write a bit of text, for all the Wang Tao reference.

a, platform has never been a business

at some point in time, we have thought about this question: what is the so-called platform? A network game company should be how to become a platform? When involved in creating the grand SDO (user platform center), we didn’t find the answer, even today, most colleagues may not have a clear understanding.

platform, has never been an independent business types, it is just the common features of a kind of specific Internet basic business. Strictly speaking, never the so-called business platform, only has the characteristics of platform of the Internet business. As a result, there is no so-called from game company in the transition to the platform company, there are only for the development of emerging business platform characteristics and breeding.

a man isn’t it? I know. But it must be clearly written in here, there can be a little vague. Because many companies of too many projects, actually died on the understanding of the basic definition is not clear.

so, has the characteristics of platform is what business? Whether the so-called “business platform” refers to what kind of things? So many years, I summed up the three points:

in the first place, “platform” business must be based on some fundamental and long-term needs. The so-called basic means huge audience enough widely/user base; Long term refers to the demand will not happen quickly or major changes. The need for a big enough, long enough continue to meet, is the foundation of the existence development platform for any business premises.

second, “platform” business needs to have a high enough moat, alternative weak, high switching costs. This user transfer barriers may be built on technology or brand, or is based on interpersonal relationship network, anyhow users cannot easily replace, perhaps even for this service, direct or indirect economic cost.

in the end, which is the most important thing, “platform” business needs to have traffic/user distribution capacity. That is to say, my application situation can be induced by the user to access a web site, to install a software, or some kind of deal. In plain language to explain: the platform like a hen, have the ability to hatch a lot of chicken.

well, with the three abstract definition, let’s see, what can really be platform is what business?

2, most companies can’t do platform

China’s Internet industry recognized platform company mainly have? First BAT should calculate, 360 many people agree that the value of platform, YY is a platform, weibo is? Maybe, WeChat affirmation is platform, 91 and peas generally considered a platform for business.

in addition, other various features are fuzzy, portal and video have alternative, the demand of the E-mail is very widely for a long time, but the alternative is very high; Large network game user base and life cycle is not big enough, and have some platform worth more than RPG board games.

360 antivirus software is not a business platform, but when it is bound to the browser and the navigation page, which has the capability of the flow distribution, it becomes a combination of the platform; Baidu is a platform, but in the love is clearly not what platform; Similarly, where to go (search) is a platform, and ctrip did not; YY voice chatting is business platform, and games and video studio transport just realized the value of the platform; QQ platform, of course, is the QQ game hall, but definitely not a DNF platform. Points out that the difference, it is very important.

in short, the vast majority of business on the Internet, don’t have enough platform features, so they are not the platform, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t survive very well. If that right from the start, only transformation platform can survive, so most of the Internet companies are not live long.

another perspective: tencent or 360, or 91, YY and actually at the beginning of the company/business is creating, not sober consciousness to the oneself is in creating a new platform, just do it after a certain size, found himself in do, just large user base, demand cycle is long, not easy to be replaced, at the same time have a strong ability to flow or user distribution for those routes, growing, and the final achievement.

so, who in the platform, but also want to speak, not you want to be a platform, you can be.

three platform is derived, based on the game business dead end

any successful online game company, almost all done “based on the existing customer base, business development platform, in the case of a bigger user base to improve the user’s reusability, eventually become a comprehensive platform for the XXX”, so it’s a pity that there is no see who really walk through. Why is that?

this is four words: path dependence. Relative to the netizens, a particular game user base is a group of very niche audiences, they represent the demand and tendency, also is a very local needs and preference. Did know game operations, relative to the macroscopic on the so-called “netizens”, each concrete game product, like a sieve, leaving only the most fit their product features there is a part of the user base, and most people would go off left. Based on a very specific group to develop business platform, make things are often not able to conform to a broader range of user needs. In other words, from a large user base do segmentation precision marketing, users, from large to small is easy; But starting from local to cover all, it is extremely difficult.

do product, is essentially a process of dialogue with the user. If users to speak to you from the beginning is a very specific group of people, then you make, it must have been to this part of the specific people use the thing. This is a simple truth.

on the other hand, the fastest money business as the Internet, play games companies tend to use more utilitarian way for products, typically as a grand, before the first version of the chat software has not yet been released, it made a year’s earnings and online number index, is operating company that emphasis on execution, play tough feeling. It should be said that this way of management as a gaming companies are very effective, but a basic Internet business, often take years to foster growth slowly, even for reference in the process of KPI is very few, and so is generally macroscopic standard, such as DAU, and game companies both in development and operation, most of the lack of a basic business operations slowly up the kind of DNA, causing an interesting result, can make up most of the time the game company (game) project, must be the boss, not enough attention is not the other way round, because the boss’s attention inevitably bring short-term behavior.

YY, once let me infinite regrets. Why is that? Because of China’s game in the history of the first large-scale launch voice chat system, is actually a big circle, we in the 5 years when I was in a number of products tied to the voice chat many modules, then even a phenomenon, a little girl in the winger judged in each room, as a reward to the player to sing for silver… Look familiar? In a sense, we can found the five or six years earlier than YY (visual) studio mode frequency of the bud, however, heavy annual KPI team there is no mood to pay attention to these details. Including later made face-to-face video board, also be after leaving grand developed slowly, why? A joke said that because the grand executive force is too strong, high efficiency, and no weeds.

4, don’t fall into their dug a pit

to sum up, for the swimming $(symbol CYOU) $, transformation of the so-called platform, is a very terrible false concept. Because starting from the existing games business, is not to the other side of the platform. The right choice is on the premise of keep their own enterprises, drawing board, platform development have potential new business. The grand and swim today, the emergence of various management chaos have great relationship and the choice of the path. And WeChat success, largely because xiao-long zhang not QQ insider, his WeChat completely is the product of the stove, based on the QQ, you can only make better QQ, rather than new WeChat.

but this again how hard? To put it bluntly, from a game operator, to the so-called platform company, neither between the straight line, there is no curve, no one knows how to move forward, only by continuous trial and error. And that for leaders of online businesses, often is unacceptable – they can’t accept the success or failure of their own platform, based on completely unknown and probabilistic events, since as the management goal, then you must be a path, if you cannot find the path? The oneself make up a path out…

this is the bridge that elder brother and Wang Tao common sadness of today. They don’t really know how to let oneself become a platform, but, it cannot be said to the people.

network game is profiteering industry, behind a windfall is single product extremely low success rate. After the overnight and a barrage of setbacks, almost all the games the CEO of the company, have been eager to live a more robust and attractive platform for transformation. But no one ever prove, this road is really exist? I don’t know, but I sincerely hope that people can find the path of success, whether Wang Tao, or any one in this industry. Because, that is also my own thinking hard about once and may not be the answer.