Tablet competition is different: samsung to challenge its millet from huawei

a few days ago, samsung held the summer launch of New York in the United States, the conference samsung took out its newest flagship AMOLED screen product, respectively is the samsung GALAXY Tab 10.5 and the GALAXY Tab 8.5 tablet S S.

to the outside world have commented that samsung after the early stage of the GALAXY Tab, the GALAXY Note, the Tab/Note Pro series tablet or mobile phone tablet preparation and accumulation and hard work, the launch of the plate was named after the Tab S means that samsung has with apple in front of your tablet market power. As vice President of samsung products and business Kathy lane (Casey Ryan) said at the news conference, “S represents our high-end smartphones, now we can put this brand extension to the high-end tablets. We for American consumers to create a great product.”

of course great products not verbally say, from the configuration and use of experience, before really substantially beyond the samsung GALAXY Tab S flagship GALAXY Tab in the tablet market, etc. In addition, according to a report by the market research firm IDC and Chikita respectively, according to samsung in the tablet market development speed is very fast. The company in the United States market share of the annual growth rate has increased from 17.9% to 26%, usage has increased from 4.7% to 8.3% – more than the amazon Kindle Fire tablet computer. In the global tablet market, samsung’s market share is second only to apple in second place.

may be a coincidence, the samsung in the ocean the other shore of the United States released new tablets, huawei has released its latest MediaPad tablet M1. Although looked from the product itself, MediaPad M1 has many bright spots, but still give us the most impressive in the conference, huawei’s consumer business President yu, huawei to take 10 or so, be the leader in the field of global consumption terminal target. The so-called decade cold window study hard, when the chances, the arduous war of resistance but also for eight years, and huawei is expected to use 10 years or so, let’s see the huawei in the field of consumer terminals humble and ready to fight of faith and confidence.

but has industry did not expect is that the release of huawei MediaPad M1 has attracted the attention of millet CEO lei jun, conference, LeiJunWei bo propaganda huawei yu, suggested that the M1 and the mini retina screen resolution, convenient to transplant the application, to improve the state of android tablet. And selection and the plate was admitted millet mini retina screen, is the result of thinking over and over again. And for media time referred to as “huawei tablet MediaPad M1, LeiJunWei bo hit suspected despise its low resolution”, lei jun immediately weibo responded “millet is a start-up, huawei is the world’s five top, I’m not despise, have great respect for huawei. I just advocate counterparts, hand in hand together solve the difficulties in the android tablet is difficult to use.”

here we regardless of whether the initiative of lei jun is really heartfelt words, cynicism or beat about the bush. Actually even heartfelt words, is an initiative by millet is not appropriate. Fact known to all, as a particular industry or advocate or benchmarking, don’t say its position in the industry’s highest, how wear also want to be in third position, but the reality is, millet tablet just released soon, not to mention has yet to be test of the market, look from the release time, millet tablet is definitely a new army and others. To solve the common Android tablet with world difficult problem, don’t say in the global tablet market, is the tablet computer market in China, also not millet? When it comes to Android, both in the smartphone, or tablet PC, I’m afraid but samsung to be eligible for advice on Android jiangshan?

in addition, what kind of tablet, manufacturers according to their own market positioning is the individual behavior of user demand, with what must, in accordance with the millet plate mold to push? A millet has just been introduced themselves, and not through the market and user testing tablet (at least the Android tablet) as the industry standard? Besides, the stand or fall of a tablet experience, in addition to the screen, there are many involved factors. Such as the core chip. Huawei MediaPad M1 is somebody else’s own haisi chip, and samsung has just released the Tab S series tablet is also adopted their Exynos series chips. Millet tablet? What is the core technology is your own? Screen is easy, change “hard core”! The industry is quite clear, also know what is measure of core competitiveness and have the core competitiveness.

for the millet lei jun with the aid of huawei MediaPad tablet M1 release answers, the analysis thinks, millet is no longer the apple and samsung as the main competitor, the analysis is still on. The reason is simple, the family of samsung is to use existing strengths and product to compete with rivals (apple), and millet is the fool with the mouth opponents, both in the way of competition is different.