Taiwan’s quanta July production iWatch, 50 million units in the first year for shipment

Solemnly stressed:

(pictured above for apple iWatch concept map)

, quanta computer inc. Taiwan next month, large-scale production of apple smart watch iWatch. Sources in addition, the carrying 2.5 -inch screen smart watch will officially launch in October at the earliest.

although it about iWatch (the final name is uncertain) in fact, but a rare “ok” revealed the news about iWatch suppliers and production date. Reuters pointed out that Taiwan’s quanta will shoulder the iWatch order more than 70% of the production tasks. At the same time, LG will provide iWatch exclusive display.

let a person feel some surprise, as apple’s largest global generation of industry and commerce, foxconn does not seem to undertake the production of iWatch contract work.

sources, iWatch will be equipped with 2.5 -inch display, gross appearance almost rectangle. Dial slightly prominent strap, present arched outline (the description is very similar with the pictured above iWatch concept map). In addition, the report also pointed out that the iWatch will carry a touch screen and wireless charging support.

of course, iWatch will possess the basic function of the smart watches on the market at present, but will be more independent of the iPhone, and “work” in terms of healthy track.

it is important to note that Reuters said apple plans in the formal launch of the first year, iWatch shipped 5000 devices.