Take the fashion for their joyous HTC one fashion version looks very beautiful

in the afternoon of June 3, HTC version released in Beijing One fashion, the machine kept One design style, with the plastic body, carrying 1080 p 5 inch screen, Xiao dragon 801 quad-core processors, 2 gb memory + 16 gb storage space, 13 million pixel camera + front 5 million megapixel camera, a 2600 mah battery configuration. System run their own Sense of 6.0 interface, also supports the Dot View intelligence cases. Bare-metal price 2799 yuan, in addition to gift edition, 2999.

this product as rumours before, basically can be seen as HTC one plastic version of the M8, flagship configuration aimed at terminal positioning, some people say that HTC begin to understand, some people say that HTC is kind, also some people said: it’s be compelled helpless!

with low impulse, can how long?

2799 price even for domestic manufacturers are not low, but can say for the likes of HTC international companies have low to the point of “kind”. It is good for consumers, but for HTC itself, behind the concern is not small.

HTC one fashion version from the product form, is basically aimed at samsung galaxy S5, as on competing goods out. But since can suppress opponents, it is bound to be squeezed his flagship M8 market space, causing both each other’s situation.

due to the two products are still in the hardware aspect has certain differentiation, although the function is not very practical, but, after all, the function of the samsung seems to be more complete. Can you then with samsung flagship competition, also said that bad.

in addition, under the low impulse competition strategy, will reduce their profit margins, this is a very sensitive issue for international brands. HTC can make up my mind to do it, also see from the side of the decline in performance over the past two years to HTC.

but low price lower profit margins is not a long-term solution, after if want to maintain this strategy, on the one hand can be limited for hunger marketing, but this conflict with the launch of the product purpose, cannot implement; On the other hand is a rapid compression operation cost of production and so on various aspects, by raising the interest rate, gross margin, net. But on the premise of quality, that can save the cost of how many?

overall, HTC one fashion version is more like a disgusting to samsung, increase the difficulty of samsung’s marketing.

but if HTC can one fashion version really, still can increase the HTC controls the strength of the supply chain, make its can obtain more resources, to lay a foundation for its turn.

high consumption crowd isn’t much of a rational consumption, low price does not necessarily work

for nearly 3000 is already not low, many domestic manufacturers in the face of this price and scary, and nerves. And from the point of market target users, this price face was genuine and high consumption crowd, no matter the people can afford!

such high consumption crowd really would throw herself because you low price? Of course not. At least in the domestic, many people still like to use big brands to flaunt their status, a high price. So on this price, some things has become more important parity bit. HTC ready?

Dot View intelligence cases also in, again to add a few colourful color, nothing configuration is reduced, these are all good, plus a “fashion” such a let a person heart began to throb of nouns, enough?

one of the former face, butterfly in the back, the high consumption crowd if you know these, the in the mind will play on a career?

think about iPhone 5 c to the end, these high-end users can because the price is too low, and hurt their own face?

but this might be hunting you think much, after all, want to rise in price also is not difficult. We have to do is do some custom machine…

lower prices hurt their brand, a dangerous precedent for later

HTC one fashion version of the goal is to take “plastic” version of “low price” to hit the samsung’s brand image, but for those groups of “high price=high-end “high consumption crowd, may effect to flexibly, but also make their own many of the products of embarrassing.

for “bloody” marketing, low price may just being used.

rely heavily on traditional offline brands such as HTC, a low gross margin products to the sales staff brought about by the commission, must be lower than the product with high gross profit margin. While HTC price gap is so big, in terms of product commission will be worse than competing goods.

in this case, the salesperson will obviously for the sake of their own interests, somewhat biased. Of course some stores would put the sales staff of different brand of segregation operation, many people to buy mobile phones will shop around. But such screening of users is more rational consumption, for those who don’t take a fancy to the high-end users, whether the situation will be reversed? Will blow to its own brand in the high-end market influence?

it still depends on the M8 to attract high-end users, but after HTC one version of the fashion, the M8 with only a camera and two metal design characteristic.

it is good at a lower price, but more important still is good design, good user experience, not here, in a hurry down it would be useless. Similarly, other domestic manufacturers in a hurry is urgent.