Taken wave after wave before! Millet mobile phone share the world’s fifth, WP rise but not fall

Google’s Android system is unstoppable in the field of mobile phones, has become a milestone in Google: in the second quarter, all sales of smartphones, Android accounted for 85%, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics said this was the highest in history. It is worth noting that the millet mobile phone with a 5% market share, become the world’s fifth-largest shipments in the second quarter of the mobile phone manufacturers.

Google’s victory is from someone else’s failure, but it is interesting to note that the intelligent mobile phone market growth as a whole. Apple, Windows Phone and blackberry lost some market share, while there are almost 300 million smartphone shipments in the last quarter (precisely, 295.2 million), however the smartphone growth has almost halved from a year ago.

in the same way, according to Reuters news, it may also be a loss for Google, Google in Europe may be begun an investigation into the monopoly of the Android. If the Android more than 80% market share in Europe, so an investigation may start.

however, so far, the situation of the specific Google is probably the most clear. Strategy Analytics said Android smartphones in the second quarter of this year in Europe’s smartphone sales accounted for 73%. According to Kantar Worldpanel in a report released earlier this year, based on the sales of the market survey, rather than the shipments, Android smartphone share proportion is 74% in Europe, this is a Kantar, within the scope of the five major markets in Europe to collect the data. In terms of tablet PC, Android has same account for the proportion of 70% of global tablet shipments.

as to what equipment manufacturers are currently find their biggest business analysts wrote, samsung is still in a firm leading position, although its market share dropped to 25% a year ago, compared with 33% before its equipment also fell to 74.5 million units.

although apple has more than 35 million the number of units, which share the same as samsung has also dropped, now has less than 12% (apple’s share of more than 13% a year ago). Saw on the Android platform of the integration of more and more, and in the field of mobile devices is more open. In addition to the samsung, all other ranking in the first six mobile phone maker, you can see the increase in the number of units. More it is worth noting that China’s newly millet is now in the top six, for the first time sales have more than 5% of the market.

Strategy Analytics said although the smartphone sales continue to increase, but it significantly slow the growth in the past. In the second quarter of 295 million sets of equipment sales, growth of about 27%, growth rate of 49% a year ago, however, significantly lower than the growth in the same period last year. Because of what causes the situation? Obviously, to some extent, this is because even though emerging markets is still growing strongly, there are a large number of population, however, at this point still couldn’t make up for the big market in the developed region of slow sales. Such as Europe and the United States have smartphones before the long boom.

emerging markets would mean more pressure on prices, consumers may be relatively less disposable income, and they think that very basic feature phones have done good enough, do you have any application for them.

research director of Strategy Analytics Linda Sui said in a statement, the growth of the global smartphone in the current quarter, already is the lowest level in nearly five years, however, are quite different in different area. A booming in Asia and Africa, North America and Europe have mature. However, the vagaries of change lies squarely in the hand of the Google holds. OEM for many years production of low-cost mobile phone based on the Android operating system. Thanks to Android more perfect free license of the operating system and application of the ecological environment and service.

there is no denying that Microsoft has recently started to provide free license of Windows Phone platform, nokia’s efforts to get low-cost smartphones the company already has a period of time, but now it seems too little too late. Strategy Analytics, points out that Windows Phone current shipments proportion was only 3%, less than 4% a year ago, lead to this situation because China and the United States is very important to the two big market growth is slow.

in fact, a lot of fierce fighting has been in the low-end market. Strategy Analytics Woody Oh that apple and its iPhone also lost 1% of its market share, apple just under 12% of the smartphone shipments. This data and sales volume is not the same, which is based on the retailers will be selling well, based on the data has been popular.

research director Neil Mawston described: we have to shape the market situation, is actually a small game: “like the PC market, Android smartphone platform edge of dancing in rotary entered a small competition, low cost services and user friendly software attracts worldwide extensive hardware manufacturers, operators and consumers. Competitors operating system would have to do some revolutionary measures to overthrow the Android in a leading position in the smartphone shipments.”

a revolutionary move what is it? Mawston thought at this stage, apple big flat screen mobile phone market and Mozilla Firefox continued efforts in the field of mobile devices in low cost is the only potential threat to sustained growth of Android. But given that Firefox has not been a blockbuster, tablet is just big screen, there are not many new features, and so the battle seems to Android threat is not big, if enough threat in the future, it will be a revolutionary fight.