Technology bosses recently popular play? Ice water to irrigate whole body!

recently, the United States IT executives circle appeared a program called “Ice Bucket Challenge” (Ice Bucket Challenge), is associated with ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis fundraising Challenge activities. Participants will accept the challenge under ice water from the top of the head shower, and filmed video upload to Facebook, down a challenge in person at the same time. Be challenged or accept the challenge to complete the project within 24 hours, or donate a certain amount of money for ALS diseases. Can say, it is this challenge relay mode, make the project from the extended range is more and more widely.

now the challenger from ordinary people famous athletes to take part in the project social celebrities, currently IT laps of the famous people including the Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg, phil Schiller, apple’s market director Microsoft CEO Della, and Twitter CEO Costello.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie to zuckerberg to pull into the challenge, and conveniently challenged the Bill Gates, zuckerberg Facebook coo Sheryl Sandberg Reed Hastings, Netflix supervisor. Apple’s marketing director phil Schiller will “war” to expand to the apple internal, tossed it cook. Della has challenged the amazon CEO bezos, Google CEO larry page.

one of the most interesting challenges should be Bill Gates. He made a similar with the traditional electric equipment, people standing below the bucket, next to gently pull the rope, you can start is connected with the water flux, and a bucket of ice water pour down from the top of the head.

the people received the challenge “, “ice bucket will generally choose to participate in the challenge, give a positive response, so to speak, in helping promote ALS disease at the same time, we also get the chance to challenge myself. And, of course, there are also fears that, if everyone choose to challenge themselves, you may donation is not so much. For now, however, accept the challenge of people usually already completed the challenge, also contributed. ALS association said on July 29 solstice on August 14, has received a donation of $4 million, a year-on-year increase of 1.1 million dollars last year.