“Temple run” to download over 1 billion, is China’s largest player market

(editor: horse relief yi)

the temple run game developer recently announced that the series of global downloaded already broke through the 1 billion mark. For a swim leisure hand, the result is not easy. Achieve the same success before just angry birds series mobile games.

“temple run 2” early last year, the continuation of the first and only in the official launch of the fourth day, have 40 million downloads.

it is important to note that the game developers, points out that they are the largest game players from China. China as a “temple run” the world’s largest market, its share of 36%. This figure is much higher than America’s second largest market, accounting for more than 21%.

is another interesting data, the survey found most of the users “temple run” are women, accounting for more than 60%.

however, I do not know when to the game as the theme of the film, the faithful female players would like to support the game, love this movie.