Tencent 1.173 billion yuan investment in four dimensional figure new account for 11.28% of the shares

map service four dimensional figure, according to the new announcement today with tencent company controlling shareholder China four dimensions have signed share transfer agreement, tencent, 1.173 billion yuan investment in four-dimensional new figure, 11.28% of the shares.

4 d figure a new statement says that the four dimensions of the shares transferred to tencent, a total of 78 million shares, the unit price of 15.05 yuan/share, the share transfer price is RMB 1.173 billion. After the completion of the transfer, tencent has a 11.28% stake, China’s four dimensions will be a 12.58% stake.

Specified in the

bilateral agreement, since the stock transfer, as of the date of delivery to complete the tencent 18 months not transfer of four dimensional diagram of new shares, during this period China’s four dimensions can no longer continue to transfer new shares held by four dimensional diagram. The share transfer will still be waiting for official approval from the relevant state departments, the four dimensional figure of new shares to continue the suspension.

under the O2O big strategic map as the entrance to the obvious advantages, also get the attention of companies such as ali, tencent and baidu. Ali announced in April this year, for example, a wholly-owned bought for $1.11 billion gold map. At the time of four dimensional figure new capital trading was filed. Four dimensional figure new, Scott software as the domestic main practitioners in the field of navigation electronic maps occupies nearly nine into market, gold into ali on the thigh, the four-dimensional there must be a new plan.

the data shows, in addition to gold maps, Google maps, including such as baidu, sogou map, map applications are using the four dimensional diagram provided new map data. Now, as a new four-dimensional figure with tencent marriage, this will will cause certain influence on baidu, sogou map business.