Tencent and new Oriental together to build joint venture online education

, according to people familiar with the new Oriental today issued a notice, and tencent micro founded Beijing network technology co., LTD., tomorrow Pan Xinren CEO, Wang Shoukun for CTO, jun-ren Chen, vice President.

early march there is news that tencent and plans to set up a joint venture, cooperation were fixed at the end of last year. Revealed in a report released last week by the new Oriental, new Oriental and tencent has reached a strategic partnership, and funded by a subsidiary guangzhou cheng as its controlling shareholder, to develop unique mobile English learning products, and the advantage of the rich content of education resources, new Oriental and tencent’s Internet technology and the permeability. The two sides have invested large sums of money in this cooperation, first product will be launched in late 2014, will first launch mobile application products, will be in tencent marketing channels of online and offline new Oriental school.

by integrating advantage resources of both sides, the new company will focus on the business to develop mobile learning, new Oriental is mainly responsible for the research results provide, teaching content and teachers resources, tencent is responsible for technology research and development and promotion of channel resources.

the industrial and commercial registration information shows that on July 3, the company was founded in 2014, the registered capital of 30 million yuan, Mr Yu chairman, tencent company senior vice President of dowson, tencent’s strategy development department general manager Lin jiing Hua and new Oriental online CEO Sun Chang for directors, Sun Chang at the same time as the legal representative.

it is known that cullen s now as the vice President of new Oriental online, as the new CEO, CTO Wang Shoukun responsible for technology research and development work, a former chief scientist and douban, vice President, jun-ren Chen, vice President, is mainly responsible for product and operations, had previously served as director of tencent search marketing.

recently frequent movement of new Oriental school, announced last week with ATA established joint venture company, to test the waters online career education, announced this week with tencent’s cooperation, as a “big brother” in the education industry, new Oriental in the field of online education, explore and try also worth waiting for. (mustard heap)