Tencent and secret sharing application Whisper threw 6 million dollars? !

secret sharing application Whisper recently confirmed their received $36 million in the new round of financing. Previously reported that Whisper of this round of financing is slightly less than $30 million. It is important to note that the report has revealed that tencent may be put in $15 million before the end of the current investment.

in March, said Whisper won $30 million in the latest round of financing, valuation of more than $200 million. Its investors including tencent, redwood, Shasta Ventures, Thrive Capital, Lightspeed Ventures.

now, the message from Whisper to the financing amount is $36 million.

it’s interesting that previously reported that tencent seems very bullish on the company , and may be put in $15 million before the end of the current investment.

“just under $30 million” (just shy of $30 m letters) and “36 million dollars”, quite a big amount. We can’t determine whether teng xu really before this round of investment, to Whisper again after at least $6 million. Of course, it is more likely, after Recode report number is not accurate.

in addition, according to reports, tencent has also invested in another for the existence of secret sharing application Snapchat burn after reading.