Tencent cloud CEO Chen lei: micro letter is how to make the user experience?

cloud network hunting note: 2014 summit IT value, tencent cloud CEO Chen lei made a very “dry” report. He concentrated tencent some contents in training new employees, in detail elaborated the “dynamic” operation experience and experience. Rules of the new products must be launched two months, “detrimental to service” – when idle “perfect service”. Busy when push “detrimental to service”, etc.

the following according to tencent cloud computing company President Chen lei speech value ITValue sanya summit in editing, without my confirmation:

I’m working in Google Internet company, for the first time heard about cloud computing. According to the concept, now at that time I was in the cloud. Today we talk about the Internet, thinking you think is more of a paradigm shift, how business model transformation, how to change. Through these transformation to transform a real enterprise, transform the mode of operation of a company, starts from the technology. Technology is the impulsion of it. Tencent’s products experience is never dropped. Tencent’s mass products are: dynamic growth and hurt operations, the cloud service.

micro letter for dynamic operations

a good team, is a dynamic iterative growth, 3-5 people do bad things, 30-50 people do more bad. Exalted skyer failure probability is very high. Dynamic operation key elements: 1, the small step run: fast verification guess 2, gray released to users: between black and white, to be able to smooth transition of a way to release 3, small big system: process, process as far as possible to ensure the function of a single 4, operation and reconstruction of life: the implementation of the segmentation steps, take the service ability of 5, clean: establish confidence, accountable and clean while life 6. Tools ready: automated deployment, monitoring, data analysis.

tencent micro letter to launch is not an accidental thing. Tencent QQ before do technical accumulation played an enormous role. Why WeChat in many key experience on doing a good job? Because in QQ, the key technical problems have been breached. In January 2011 to April WeChat products online, basic no user at that time, our team is also not hard perfusion user on the user experience. Began a period of speed in May. In August, the user began doubling every day. In such cases, the experience of how to ensure the micro letter worse, tencent is facing a big problem at that time.

the dynamic operation and dynamic operation of tencent micro letter product ideas play a critical role in this process. WeChat is tencent’s CTO, Tony focus on support of the product at the earliest. The grasp of the rhythm of the “product”, is one of the most important, this is very worthy of attention a point behind, not to the user what he doesn’t want to, must be to the user what he wanted.

tencent has a set of dynamic operation of thought with the methodology and process, this is the dynamic growth, detrimental to the service operation, the cloud. Dynamic operation is not understand users, the users themselves also don’t understand themselves, we want to understand.

the second is the pursuit of a small team. Before I came to tencent in Google, Google CEO speak at that time, the success of Google products are made by two people, such as search, advertising, mail. After successful, the team is more and more big. After we have a basic assumption, began to constantly try to. Do a very simple product, and then try to constantly innovation. WeChat version 1.0 and is now a big gap, each function is in constant operation, guess and experiment process.

WeChat team can send every day 20 version now. The client product release a new version is a very difficult thing, must let users download to complete the update. Micro switch letter team did a lot of the background, the function of “a lot of users can be used”, or “what is manifestation” have the background. Products in the development process according to user’s habits of adjustment. Over the last few versions, features on-line are part of the user to use first, another part of the user is invisible. Good effect in application of the user is amplified, the result is bad to delete, or change the function to the original way. Hide new functionality, let users find step by step, at the same time, set up a plug-in, one step one step further. Find new features users are more high-end users, have deep feelings about WeChat, the rest of the vast majority of users can’t see. Watch their reaction to new features. Use it to move forward, and with less, delete. This is the dynamic operation.

any technology products, if not online, the level of it must be bad. We need to do is to shorten the time of the launch. If a project for two months without online, would bring a certain function, cut two months can be online. Two months of online product, may function is very simple, but will constantly iteration after launch.

tencent has a very failure – search product. Since 2010 the search team has been doing the new architecture. The new architecture is written from scratch, every line of code is new. Until August 2013 when online, but online eight days after the new architecture completely collapsed. Out of the problem have no way of positioning, don’t know how to repair the new architecture, again so pull out your old architecture. In this process there are a lot of incredible things happen. Tenpay tencent is a very important product, but by tencent search product a lot of wealth through web page can’t display. Because of some technical problems and old architecture, need to put some APDS page in white list to sweep up inside. This is not a lack of personnel operating problems, so the search application is very failure.

tencent advertising products algorithm it is quite a reputation in the industry, the main reason is that we do every day a lot of experiments. Want to come out after each algorithm, not sure after launched a certain effect is good, the complexity of the problems with the user’s difference is very big. So we try to pull out all the algorithms. Finally leave of success, not successful. Products have been continuously evolving.

“small step run” why want to do, do what you need. In fact each technology well requires a lot of accumulation and precipitation. With release conference, we have a standard release process. Each function released for employees in the first place. Company staff with a lot of opinions, after which place do bad, continuous improvement. When staff users satisfied or not matter too much, will give a core with user groups, they think they can early adopters use tencent’s products is a very proud thing. Of course they will be a lot of advice, we ran out of the group after we try will gradually. Internet difference is I don’t understand, so I want to try, the accuracy can achieve how many, how can let customers more satisfied, the success rate how many. Real internal test or real online may be less than 30% of the products. So 70% of good ideas are not being used.


the cloud

we think each team although there are a lot of technical people, but there are some limitations. Try to give more professional people to do more things, the tencent company has always been an important concept. Cloud computing company has a product called micro cloud, the cloud this product can upload pictures photos, uploaded more than 1700 copies a day, quantity of video is very big also. Every day we continue to find a way to compress the number of incremental, but now every incremental data in more than 80 P to 100 P. And the client’s different, two versions and the android Microsoft, apple and so on many versions. Micro cloud team 20 people, daily active users billions of products, how to do it? Micro cloud use tencent’s existing architecture, grew up in their build cloud.

drops a taxi is a taxi tencent with ali respectively support software, explosive growth of the last minute is technology. On February 18, when tencent cloud team in drops a taxi, on February 22 when they move team put all the systems. Click a taxi with a lot of open source software, did a lot of work in the open source software around. We do is migrated to ready-made in the cloud, the cloud storage is tencent product validation inside, can support mass. This makes a taxi bleep thoroughly remould oneself.

the cloud is mutual entertainment DNF growth there is another case, this very successful product, daily income too. DNF originally from south Korean game company to purchase the product. We take it to the cloud, expansion energy of one thousand a month, up to one thousand virtual machine for an hour. DNF in the process of tencent has a very big growth process, cloud give it great support. So this is the cloud the key elements of growth. The first is the core point, our team is the best thing, let more heavy things fast sedimentation in the professional team.

beneath service

beneath the service in the process of traditional industry with the Internet, it is the most difficult to accept, is also a concept at the core of the Internet. In normal circumstances do our services to one hundred percent of user experience, but when we meet with difficulties, such as the flood flooded with machine room, cause a lot of equipment cannot be used. Or sudden peak, how to good services to users. Logic with drops a taxi, for example, many products clearly, don’t have to do so, but can ensure that the user experience. For example to not very accurate display the current position, do you want to put each nearby taxi shows clearly the current position, and can track their situation, and then on the phone display. The answers to these things if conditions permit, the user wants to know. But conditions don’t allow to downgrade. Two days of time, help drops a taxi completed “beneath surgery”, when the pressure is too high to do logical processing. The backend server pressure decline.

WeChat to do is to put all of the original message must be delivered, and be sure to maintain the same sequence on each user’s mobile phone. Later we persuaded the micro letter, actually order is not so important. Red rice inside the industry well-known case, we do the release of two red rice. Red rice cell phone for the first time, the second is the red NOTE. Red rice is the second time NOTE, the millet server down. After checking, we found the design of the millet is a condition of perfect design. But the perfect design is necessary? Such as everybody can see left several handsets. When you have a mobile phone to sell, you don’t need. When you have a radix stemonae, is needed. When you left a radix stemonae, traffic concentration to drop, can do that, thousands of time don’t need to do this.

12306 have been looking for us, let us solve the problem of system be overwhelmed now every Spring Festival. They believe that tencent did very well in this respect. First of all, you can try our cloud, of course, this is unlikely. The second point, actually very simple you each on separate sell, trains separately to sell, can solve the problem. In addition to sell earlier, don’t wait until that time. Can be another quietly began to sell, tickets sold separately in different regions, although this idea is very soil, but the Internet company with a way to solve the problem of complex soil. Is actually big data and cloud computing, we use the original database doesn’t solve the problem now, with flexible beneath the solution of similar problems, in the end product formed today’s Internet industry.