Tencent is becoming more and more light, it will be connected to the world “router”

“tencent is becoming more and more lightweight. It USES a more open platform, efforts to achieve the dream of its own to connect the world.”

– DICC hu

in hunting cloud network editor jun, this is the 9th national Internet conference yesterday, the most worth thinking of a word.

why tencent will become more and more light?

lightweight core spirit is focus. Represented including Facebook, tencent’s social giant, has not changed to the user for a long time “locked” in its ambitions to “catch-all” platform. They adopted a more subtle form: the various tasks assigned to the third party developers, use the developers for its colorful (exclusive) application of the developed, let users willing to stay in their own social empire.

in the process, tencent, Facebook, obtained the following results obvious benefits:

first, save resources, lighter, more focus on what they are good at something;

second, woo and firmly control the developer in our own hands;

third, with the core of the social ecological system have been established and can be maintained for a long time.

“open” and “connect” the dialectical relationship between

dowson yesterday to open ‘points out the future development of the tencent theme: “open connection”. Open means tencent more resources, a connection is refers to using the tencent service for unicom the vision of the world. It is, is very similar to Facebook. Previously, mark zuckerberg, burke, have table to connect the world dream.

if the whole world as an invisible network, between the various nodes in the different network and the network, need to have the router connectors such as “network unicom” and “distribution”. Tencent, Facebook, and its development platform, it is attempted to complete such a grand project.

however, the countless engineering workload big, resource consumption, this is not a giant can separate task. Google + dying in critical condition, not only because of Google engineers thought, to some extent, but also for lack of a social open platform similar to Facebook. Lack the necessary social resources, and will not be able to attract developers, without the support of developers, there is no user and social data. This is a vicious circle. A simple truth is that “no pain, no return.” No open platform, provide developers with the core of social data and resource support, will not be able to create good ecological system, also won’t retain users, unicom world.

open to connect, the precondition of connection is open.

open the biggest enemy is envy

as early as ten years ago, Facebook, puts forward the concept of open platform. However, Facebook is because “jealousy” and ruined his dream open platform.

when Facebook see developers to use their own social data, developed the popular, make applications, the social networking giant “jealous”. It is becoming more and more closed on the one hand, even refused to provide more resources for developers; Facebook, on the other hand, copying strategies like crazy. As long as it is those he thinks good application, were brought by it for their use. Original die-hard developers, in the sad, leave, become increasing distrust in the giant.

open the biggest enemy is greed and envy. It is also true for tencent.

chose “router” metaphor to describe open platform, is to remind the social giants do not long to see short hair. Holding the core of social data, ACTS as a distribution platform, is enough to finish connecting the world dream. If a building’s short-term interests, losing the trust of the developers, then it will be a fatal mistake.

PS: tencent development platform specific information you’d like to know, please.