Tencent play with Microsoft, the little ice to millet

the evening news, June 6, (Asia) Internet Microsoft advanced technology center (atc) announced today that will be in “artificial intelligence +” mobile “frontiers of this field and millet company strategic cooperation, Microsoft” small ice “will be fully access meters to chat.

Microsoft said that in the next few weeks, research and development through cooperation, the two sides will bring 50 million meters chat users intelligent chat provided by Microsoft small ice, weather query, restaurant reviews, services, and will be in “+” mobile “artificial intelligence field, more in-depth and extensive product r&d cooperation.

Microsoft said, the small ice cooperation with m talking just a start, Microsoft small ice landing will also be more social platform.

Microsoft “ice” is the Microsoft Asia academy of engineering release chat robot of artificial intelligence, Internet users can add “small ice” as a friend and to the group in the group chat. Besides can realize human-machine interaction, Microsoft “small ice” both group reminded, wikipedia, weather, constellation, jokes, traffic guide, restaurant reviews, and other functions.

“milk tea sister” ZhangZe day as Microsoft employees attended the “little ice” conference, and launch new products, milk tea sister so is seen as a small ice spokesman. The day before release, the official release of small ice page 2 hours clicks to rise to 480000; The first release of 100000 small ice account been claim within a few hours.

Microsoft “small ice force is causing concern in the aspects of tencent, on June 1, Microsoft” small ice “WeChat banned, this let Microsoft very unhappy. In two days after being blocked, repeating letter, in response to tencent.

the analysis thinks, Microsoft released a small ice, the primary purpose is to promote bing, another main purpose is to use mobile social software user traffic to the accumulation of large data, to improve bing product experience, and mobile service and intelligent search to explore life, especially for Microsoft bing’s China’s Internet market development, has the extremely positive significance.

source: sina science and technology