Tencent sequoia $35 million investment “fool” Weebly web building tools

according to Weebly, in a new round of financing, from tencent and sequoia capital of $35 million in financing, the current valuation of the company has more than 455 million dollars. Weebly is a free self-build service providers from the United States. Even if the user does not need to understand web pages written in any knowledge, can be easily used Weebly to build your own web page.

as a representative of the new generation of web building tools, was born in 2006 in the Weebly in “everyone is longing for web publishers” era of prosperity. The company service’s main features are:

first, completely free;

second, only rely on operations, such as “drag, drag” can complete build web content and form;

third, allow binding individual top-level domain;

4, no flow restriction web hosting;

5, there is no advertising.

so far, Weebly managed by an individual or enterprise self-built website has more than 20 million, a total of 175 million visitors per month.

Weebly official said that a new round of funding will help them to better compete with WordPress, etc.

tencent is low-key but actively expand overseas market recently. In addition to promote their core business, also successively invested include application Snapchat burn after reading, flash sales website Fab and mobile game makers Plain Vanilla.