Tencent’s investment is not at a loss, Fab argue that oneself temporarily won’t die

, once won a tencent investment, valuation of up to $1 billion overseas flash sales website Fab, or will appear in 2015 capital chain rupture, shut down the message. Today, the overall public voice: “we won’t die yet!”

once star, Fab nearly a period of time has not seen any positive news. Executives, continued losses, massive layoffs. It is reported that so far, Fab cuts is close to 80%. The loss of more than $9 million a month. If the $30 million to calculate the rest of the paper, then has almost can’t Fab for “capital”, should be till the end of the beginning of next year. Sources said that Fab CEO Jason Goldber will appear in the “hidden” in Germany.

according to the Fab is currently bidding for a Finnish maker. The company manufactures the independent brand furniture, and online sales. Recently, declining Fab is seeking transformation. Independent brand furniture sales is considered to be an important developing direction of the company recovery. Fab, said a spokesman for the online furniture sales at present is the most lucrative business.

although widely seen as Fab has been ill, but the company is using a takeover reluctantly proved to the actual situation of not dying.

for a long time, diverse and blindly follow suit product strategy to Fab became the victim of capital game. If the Fab can timely reined in, perhaps even to turn around. If so, tencent’s money also is not completely white.