Tencent’s sole 】 【 departing employees remuneration report

as a member of the society called the Internet “bones jing”, has “the scenery infinite” “ten thousand people envy envy hate”, “the value” “the happiness?”, over pay, these topics, generally in the company are not allowed to open discussion, perhaps only silently ask myself, when night human or ask “baidu” 🙂

focus on tencent departing employees career and innovation service platform for the first solo penguin studio (WeChat public number: danfeiqqclub ) united focus on entrepreneurial innovation of New technology blog hunting cloud network released on July 28, the solo penguin remuneration report ( 2014 )”. maybe later, you can also ask us:)

the solo penguin remuneration report (2014) from tencent departure 10000 many people select the 2061 samples for data analysis, sorting and output, the sample is mainly around 3 categories of people: product class, development and design, including product class 466 , 1326 person, design class 269 , respectively the sample 23% , 64% , 13% . As can be seen from the report, 3 class personnel salary, product the highest class, development, design slightly low, to a certain extent to verify the product manager of tencent’s Internet industry worthy of the name “huangpu military academy”. The 3 categories of personnel of the leaving group 80% above, basic reflect the status of solo penguin group most students pay . Follow-up, along with the accumulation of samples increased, the list will be gradually extended to the technical operation, quality management, marketing, content and functions, etc.

the number of sample classification

product sample

Development of

sample sizes

design class sample

see the solo penguin remuneration report (2014), if you feel happy, you should share the forwarding, for this kind of “happiness”, in the circle of friends we have become accustomed to; If you don’t feel happy, also share forward, maybe someone will think of some way to make you happy, yukio okamoto, , do you understand whether you are happy or not is your perception, we can do nothing; Happiness is their fighting for, we want to help also can’t help, we are just a “non-governmental organization” 🙂

special emphasis on the report of the salary is a new unit after solo penguins in wages rather than tencent on-the-job personnel salary, please pay attention to distinguish, not blind comparison, if have any discomfort, please make your own psychological adjustment, or find your organization related department for help.

sample basic conditions:

, sample area

now focus only on the “connect” north, home to enjoy work and life balance, students enjoy temporarily not covered.


, sample status

is currently only focus on students “large and medium-sized enterprises in the workplace”, “with a low salary, holding stocks or options in startup” struggle, will soon be the classmate of local tyrants temporarily not covered.

3 ,

undergraduates in tencent for level 1 after the obtainment of grading, etc., is a graduate entry after tencent obtainment of grading for level 1 ordinary, etc., and work for half a year can apply for promotion, level 1 basis such as the number of departure, less sample and reference is not big, no cover, so the sample statistics from level 1 ordinary, etc; Grade 4 or above the number of people, and pay the difference is bigger, have a salary of millions, also have a $10 million, there seems little point in sample reference, temporarily not cover; Tencent’s rank is 6 grade 18 height, etc., related to introduce as follows, this involves only solo penguins most 3 child, etc.

there are six professional ranks of tencent

4 , sample wage

means the solo career orientation New company offer , because a lot of enterprises according to the annual salary to receive an offer, some 13 months salary, some 18 months salary, unified convert their salary here and months, facilitate unified caliber comparative reference; In addition, in addition to the professional ranks, whether for management positions, company size has also led to the wage difference is bigger, has made a solo career T3-1 senior engineer, or doing the CTO.

5 basic idea of the enterprise salary design

general enterprise wage based on the theory of “4 p” : Position (Position), capacity (Person), Performance (Performance) and market (Place). Compensation generally includes fixed income (salary), floating income (such as bonuses, stock or options), each company will according to the business and development stage, the types of corporate culture, talent and market competition, etc. On the pay structure and general can consult:

ordinary employees, fixed income and floating income ratio as 80% and 20% ;

in the grass-roots management: fixed income and floating income ratio as 70% and 30% ~ ~ ~ and 40%;

top management, fixed income and floating income ratio as 60% and 40% ~ ~ ~ and 60%;

stock, options and long-term incentive, distributed object, quantity and so on difference is bigger also, temporarily not covered.

6 , the report form of show

professional remuneration report involves detailed data distribution, and the trend of variation, some of our first draft, but in the interview some solo penguins, ask them to look after, they have a basic common sense “too specialized, too complex, not grounding gas” “remuneration report don’t have to tell me so many process data, just tell me the general minimum, maximum and average into”. In addition, consider some detailed data distribution and trend chart, may expose some solo penguin schoolmate’s identity. So, after careful consideration, a thought of “concise, grounding gas” remuneration report shows as follows. Believe that the first list, no matter how bad, “the sea of mind” you will understand, right? Yukio okamoto, 🙂 (for reporting, communication can contact: QQ: 2511151888, personal WeChat ID: danfeiqq )

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