Tesla CEO Elon Musk in southern California school of 2014 graduation ceremony of the speech

small note: elon musk, is known as the posse “jobs”. The tesla electric cars, co-founder and CEO and product architect, is also a private space launch vehicle’s CEO and chief designer. Musk 12 commercial software programming to sell themselves to earn the first bucket of gold $500, together with his brother founded Zip2 $20 million to be sold. The legendary genius on May 16, 2014 at USC Marshall school undergraduate issued following a speech at the graduation ceremony. authorized by the plusyoou hunting cloud network published in this paper.

USC dean James g. Ellis:

the next guest, don’t need too much, I only speak a few words of short. He grew up in South Africa, get a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton school of business, at the same time for Penn’s bachelor’s degree in physics, California to start a business, after the creation of a third party payment company PayPal. After his business is thriving, he became the electric car production enterprise Tesla CEO. I know he has a lot of great ideas want to share with you, welcome to elon musk –

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elon musk:

thank you very much, I only have a short a few minutes, I will try to make good use of this time only. Here I’d like to share with you four important thing. Some of these may sound like a catchphrase, but experience told me that they really practical.

the first thing for young people is very important to business, you need to be very try to work. What does it mean to work hard? When my brother and I founded zip3. Together, we didn’t buy any property as a place of work, rather than in a small, ordinary office start our business, we most of the time spent on the small couch. We discuss ideas with each other, then we only have a computer, need to use computer operating during the day, the encoding can only at night. We almost all day 24 hours a day, seven days a week at work. I had a girlfriend, she to with me together had to sleep on the sofa in the office. If you want to quickly set up their own company, working hard is a must. You do a very simple mathematical calculation, others work 50 hours, but you work 100 hours, you will take out two times more work than others.

another point I want to tell is that if you set up your own company or are management of a company, the attract good men to work with you is also very important. A person or to join an elite gathering talented people, or work with a group of mob. The success of a business in most cases are a group of excellent people gathered together to make a great product. No matter how talented this group of people, they must work together to focus on the product in the right direction, to make a great success. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to use all means to attract excellent talents.

then, I’d like to turn to how to determine whether the enterprise to the topic on the right path. Many people are confused, they spend money and not to make their products better, as an example, the tesla, we never spend money on advertising, we put all the money in the product research and development and a better product design, we try our best to do our car as good as possible. I think this is the best way to go. So, if you want to build a company, you have to constantly thinking, whether these efforts you makes your product or service better . If not, don’t do these things.

in addition, I also want to say that don’t follow the trend of the so-called single . In terms of the first principle of physics, not through the analogy to demonstrate, but by all you think is the most essential element to inference. So you can tell what you should do, what you just follow in the footsteps of others doing. Of course, you can’t please everyone, you have to pay a lot of effort. But if you want to try new things, this is the best way. As physicists study of quantum mechanics to think like that. This is a very powerful way.

in the end I want to say is, it’s time to take a risk . You have no children now, or you may not have children, as you get older, your duties on the rise. Once you have a family, you are not alone in his adventure, but take your family to take the risk. To try things that may fail will become increasingly difficult. So, to take the risk right now, before you have those obligations, I very advocate you take a risk.

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