Test Ok Google Everywhere, Google to lead the third revolution of mobile interaction

according to Google, are testing a secret, “Ok, Everywhere” Google voice service application instructions. The service aims to expand the original “Ok, Google voice search” instruction services, to expand the instruction to more Google applications. Is worth waiting for, it is not clear whether the service will open to the third party application developers in the form of the API. If the end of the function can be large, so this means that Google will officially open voice commands as the core of the “mobile phone revolution” in the third generation of interaction.

let’s take a look at “Ok, Google Everywhere” general function. Say simple point is that Google wants to the original “Ok, Google released from a single search, provide the voice search function for more applications. It is reported that Google will push some API called “customized voice control module”, for different application provide voice interaction as much as possible. Analysts said that Google will first in your Gmail and other services, launched Google Everywhere “, “Ok, in order to create is different from other native experience of Android devices. However, according to Google’s past practices, “Ok, Google Everywhere” is likely to be after the mature, open to a third party reference developers.

at present, the details about this service we still know very little about, but the reports have given some Android system after add this functionality, of change. One of the most outstanding two points:

the first and primary key “home page” of the Android system will become a “Google”, so that users can start anytime and anywhere voice control function. Return to the home page of the original function, will be transplanted into “multitasking” (see chart).

second, all Google applications will appear a “Google voice search” sign (below). Familiar with Android users know, click this button to quickly start voice search. Application to add this button, means that the user can click it to start voice operation.

simply, mobile phones and other communications equipment since the launch, has been, or are experiencing three major interactive manipulation of the change. First is a delegate with physical buttons control mode, the peak is the blackberry; The second is a delegate with iPhone (multipoint) touch mode completely, its peak now is still the iPhone; Or is a delegate with voice assistant for the third time “without touch, voice recognition” directive interaction pattern. This stage is still in its early stage, in addition to need speech recognition technology is the accumulation of a large amount of data. So, back to Google search Google Now slightly ahead.

there is no doubt that personal computing equipment is developing towards mobility, intelligent. Interactive forms the fundamental goal of constantly change, is to the above two vision depth.