That part of the Microsoft “didn’t want to” nokia, for Android has developed a “skin”

nokia’s a team called “emerging platform technology group, recently for Android has developed a mobile phone called the Launcher” Z “images of” smart “skin. It is reported that the team has been independent of nokia’s other business units. This time the skin is after nokia cellphone division was sold, the team launched the first product.

Z the main characteristic of the Launcher is in its “recommended” scene. It can be used in the more users, machine learning, and provide targeted to users under different scenarios of desktop ICONS. This feature is not new, previously there have been many such third party on the Android platform application “skin”.

is another outstanding highlight, Z the Launcher allows the user to any position in mobile phone screen writing letters, and global search. Such as user handwritten input V, Z the Launcher will provide users with applications such as Vine search results. However, this function is not too perfect.

in addition to the above two points, Z the Launcher interactions and appearance design is poor.

in both for WP, or now sell phone unit to Microsoft, nokia seems to give up and Android “ambiguity”. As early as last year, Microsoft has yet to buy nokia mobile phone department), there are media reports that nokia has or is developing for Android smartphones and watches. Earlier this year, Nokia X, seemed to prove the above message.

when talking about why for Android development “skin”, this part of the head points out: “nokia is trying to find a new way to return to the market. We are not ‘up the handcuffs on the dancers’.”

now the application is still in its beta phase, interested friends can.