The 360 300 million investment security companies know a space

hunting cloud network on August 17, message

360 according to the personage inside course of study to the hunting cloud network LTD to the security company know gen yu investment of 300 million yuan.

Beijing know gen yu information technology co., LTD., founded in 2007, is a high-tech company engaged in network information security services, the company founder zhao is after 80.

according to public information, zhao is mixed with Russia, the United States teenage hacker circles, he does not think real hackers with a AK47 fire on unarmed netizens “criminal”, but those who have a heart of justice, moral sense, the pursuit of open and the spirit of sharing security fighter.

in the near future, zhao on the Forbes China’s speech, the so-called real hackers are not those who steal QQ number online, taobao, attack site of these people, but to break through the limit ability, and have the spirit of the moral sense, open and sharing, the final purpose is to promote the world, working towards a better, safer world development.

over the years, zhao has been engaged in security industry, which also has a very rich experience. Zhao understand the nature of safety is: first, from data to knowledge, everything is information. Kevin kelly in “out of control” and “technical elements” also mentioned: our technology elements will cover the entire earth and universe, human is only the one of the elements of science and technology information in the process of transition section ladder, not a destination. Second, network security is a luxury in China, safety essence is the control of information.

Zhao Weicong technical personnel has been to do their own business as CEO. Doing technical staff and colleagues found Microsoft products during the period of some loopholes, hackers use this vulnerability to write until the United States on the shock of the PC industry to take look at “shock” virus.

know gen yu company is the most in the industry known as events, tencent, baidu launched cross-platform fraud on the solution of the system: security alliance. Emphasize social security, security alliance for Internet users to establish a unique network security environment, fundamentally solves the actual needs of Internet users. The company’s official website, according to tencent, baidu, jinshan, such as Microsoft are its customers.

as of hunting cloud network time, the news did not obtain 360 confirmed.