The amazon Appstore application volume tripled, ecological less than iOS

today announced the amazon AppStore application amount already broke through 240000. A number that grew 300% last year, compared to the more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. This news release time is very interesting, because the media is generally accepted that amazon will officially launch its 3 d smartphone tomorrow.

let a person feel some of the “black” is, amazon is still in the statement, issued a statement from the IDC paid survey report. According to the report showed that 65% of the amazon application developers think them on the Kindle Fire platform application development revenues and iOS as much or more. 74% of the developers insist that the amazon delivery capability as iOS, etc. However, given that the survey was conducted amazon pay IDC, so the data seems to have some water.

however, not only on the number of the amazon Appstore to apple’s App Store and Google Play, on the application of the “quality” is. Although through building Android branch edition system, foot flat amazon has cloned with Android application adapter API, but at present such as Instgram, Snapchat, WhatsApp popular application, or not logged in the amazon Appstore.

about why amazon launched smartphone, a common view is that “the mobile phone is amazon’s electrical business tentacles stretch”.