The Android mobile operating system in the future how to upgrade?

on June 16, since Google (weibo) Android Mobile operating system in 2008 with the telecom operators t-mobile launched together after the phone, the system has reached his sixth year. For many, the Android has been a mobile phone has more functions, specifications, and a larger screen mobile platforms. Moreover, the system of each update will bring us more system optimization.

however, perhaps due to the user purchased phone models is not good, or they don’t have the system update to the latest version of the reason, we saw many of the Android platform is not satisfied with the appearance of the user. Therefore, Google last year launched the Android 4.4 (code-named “kit kat”) operating system, and hope that through this system completely change the dilemma facing previously.

new ideas

with the previous update “even more” of the operating system concept is different, the Android 4.4 is not add too many gaudy function, it is the user interface for severely curtailed, thus reducing the phone specifications of the system requirements for the users. The move as a result, the Android operating system more compatible than any previous time. But if Google want to thoroughly solve the serious Android fragmentation problem, I’m afraid the company also need in this month, is expected to be available on Google I/O spend more attention in the new system.

it should be said that behind the Android 4.4 system carries with Google in the mobile market’s great ambitions. Currently, Google Android devices, the total amount of activated already more than 1 billion units, so the company is now the target positioning in the “next 1 billion” above. Android, as it were, there is no doubt that is now the world’s most popular mobile platforms, but Android is sensitive to price anomalies fragmentation problem in the developing world has become the biggest obstacle of the increased revenue, and the region has some old Android mobile phone can’t even access to Google Play app store.

the situation for the Google brought a seemingly no solution of the problem, that is “the first time the use of Android users will be because of the bad user experience and the repulsive. At the same time, like the Android users cannot access to the Google service ecosystem “. Therefore, the emergence of the Android 4.4 operating system is in order to completely solve the problem.

MOTOROLA software vice President Steve Horowitz (Steve Horowitz) believes that it is the Android 4.4 operating system low requirements for hardware configuration to the emergence of cheap Moto E. It should be said that Moto E is the first with high quality Android experience, at the same time has a low selling price of the Android smart phone. Indeed, MOTOROLA has launched a Moto G model costs a mere $179, but a $129 Moto E the potential consumer market is more widely than the former. Moreover, Moto G of the so-called “cheap” may simply be for European and American markets, and Moto E “cheap” is a truly global markets.

we can even say that Moto E is the most ideal KitKat will his teachings to the world “missionaries”. The emergence of the system is enough to prove that Google Android operating systems of the latest and best can be applied to any price, size, specifications of the equipment. The world’s fastest growing mobile market in India, nokia and blackberry has always been the most recognised local mobile phone brand. Moto E still with its excellent user experience and widely available application ecosystem for the love of consumers, selling even to the point of supply.

and, in the development of the market. Android Gingerbread these old version system has been popular, and many of them will be set as their default search engine baidu, but Google can finally now in all kinds of price brings his latest operating system for local consumers.

on the other hand, the famous luxury handset maker Vertu has also joined the Android camp. Vertu recently launched its own Signature Touch mobile phone, the phone default KitKat based operating system to run. At the same time, many had earlier said it would carry the Android 4.4 operating system in the future all of the mobile phone manufacturers are now mostly for its mobile phone just before they go out with a KitKat system.

future strategy

a reports suggests that Google will use Android Silver project launched a series of high-end mobile devices certified. If the reports are correct, it seems that Google has picked up again “high-end first” marketing strategy.

whether Google future plans to Android which intends to, from the perspective of the signs of the current, the democratization of KitKat system heritage will likely continue to be preserved. This is to say, although Google plans to promote their own Android Silver project, but the company also won’t forget the introductory cheap models such as Moto E.

from a hardware perspective, this year the Android smartphone configuration as well as the software system also has the unprecedented unity. Qualcomm, for instance, the latest chip ruled for almost any an Android market segment, and these chips good energy consumption than feature is also the Android system to appear in the important reason of the equipment. At the same time, we believe that the Google I/O for the upcoming conference will not change the established strategy.

it should be said that Android has never been more with such as cohesion and system consistency, because now is whether consumers to buy Vertu, MOTOROLA, or SONY to have basic consistent user experience, performance and system function. So, Google now plans to begin a innovation is once again the Android platform, if all goes well, will completely break the existing pattern of the market.

but at the same time, it is important to note that the mobile speed will be faster and faster, the function will be more and more, but have not yet gone Android fragmentation phenomena may once again surfaced. Therefore, Google is currently the biggest difficulty lies in the “how to ensure that with each use of a home user experience at the same time once again to upgrade the Android system to a new height”.

source: tencent technology