The android open closed hole, the desirability of hardware software rule?

cloud network hunting on July 4,

2014 Google I/O developer conference, let people see a Google began gradually closed, the latest Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV operating systems are no longer allowed to any third party vendor for custom development, this is the most straightforward, closed on the software.

about Google another latest project – Android one, hunting cloud network before a detailed, essentially machine reference design step by step through the portal to the high-end scheme transition, step by step, finally closed Android hardware control. This is the more closed.

to start so close the pace of android, what effect will bring to the market? Users can get what interests?

Google will compromise, but it is only for giant a chance to reflect on and survival space

the current Android one project is still in the primary stage, has not obvious influence on mobile phone giants. But wait until future Android one reference design began to swallow in the high-end scheme how mobile phone giants? Or the relationship between Google and mobile phone giants will be how to deal with?

given the importance of the mobile phone giants in the market, and the difficulty of the reference solution technology, try to avoid change with other systems by giants – after all, samsung mobile phone giant seriously to control the mobile phone market yourself a doberman bada.

Google won’t be too biased towards their Android one, will provide the latest system upgrade to cooperation manufacturer as soon as possible, and then to bullying giant Android one as soon as possible to upgrade its own mobile phone as soon as possible.

in addition to consider the importance of basic hardware innovation, combined with the creative concept of Google, Google still need these roots thick hardware manufacturers make up for the inadequacy of itself on the hardware, and hardware to promote innovation, they teamed up in case of being defeated.


Android one, then a scepter, real-time urged to upgrade their products with the competitive attitude, reduce the Android fragmentation, and urged giants rapid innovation, or holy space will be smaller and smaller.

in general is a good thing for the user.

products assimilation is more serious, giant only differentiation, the ratio of two way can go

mediatek’s turnkey turn-key solutions, spawned a large number of from the system operation to the product appearance is almost no difference of products, product assimilation is very serious, but such assimilation product is assembled in the mid-range, slightly technical strength of the manufacturers can make a difference.

and now Google Android reference design for one, given that Google for further controls the system upgrade, on system optimization, the assimilation of future Android phones will be more and more serious, each product or will fall into a vicious price war.

think or moist some manufacturers can only launch more user experience excellent product differentiation, trying to spell marketing to make brand will become more and more disadvantage.

and how is the differentiation of products? Audience and differentiated products have how old? What is the next wave of users to upgrade the power? Before phone makers problem more and more.

software ecosystem into hardware die cavity, mobile phone software giants to completely rethink its ecological

hardware is used for? Hunting idea is, of the cloud network editor king hardware is used to support software provide better experience for the user, the user pays is to better experience, rather than just the hardware.

compared to the hardware and software, the hardware is more like a short tail slow consumer goods, the market is very unstable; Software is the long tail FMCG, the market is more stable.

now attract the most users upgrading hardware drivers, is that the new functions of the software and hardware combined with experience. In the case of excess hardware performance is more and more obvious now, users spend large sums of money to upgrade driving force of the mobile phone is becoming more and more small, it is a great for hardware manufacturers.

? The PC era wintel alliance has given a good answer: increasing function of the system software, to improve the performance of the hardware requirements, allows the user to upgrade the hardware.

now, Google is in the further optimization of the android system, make it take up less as far as possible performance resources, ecological more widely to make their own software, it is against the interests of mobile phone manufacturers.

phone makers in the future to live moist, introduced the hardware and software, system resources ecological footprint big killer software, is the only way.

is similar to the PC era, Microsoft’s dominance and guide the ecological situation of control hardware, happened to android phones will once again.

such software leading the trend of the hardware? If it makes giant reflection, to research and development have experience innovation function of products, improve the enterprise vitality is good. If the wrong direction, drove everybody will only run on price, the final result to who will be unfavourable.

maybe in two years time, everybody back to look at, suddenly discovered that android has never been open, past the pseudo open just in order to get the user, strengthen ourselves and make trade-offs.

Google may really want to do is to open in the name of forcing industry giant step by step down in front of your obedience, sacrifice others fulfill itself, and leaving a great yourself.

but objectively, without too much hardware qualifications of Google, his long tail ecological thinking software for hardware does is not only an opportunity, also will be a disaster.

if the hardware vendor only rely on their own hardware technology threshold, proud that his hardware core technology is greater than all, and not to care about the user experience, do real innovation, it is suicide.