The apple flagship store or cat fight day 618

the apple is expected to be the first time for Chinese consumers count. Message on June 5, according to the mobile phone industry, according to people familiar with the electricity 618 years to promote this year, apple may no longer stand by and day cat official flagship store will also “.

7 January this year, apple official cat flagship store in days. The store is apple in addition to the website and offline stores, only add electric business platform. Reporter discovery, directly into the apple day cat flagship store, in addition to the apple hardware products, in apple’s official website, all the accessories, have cat flagship store shelves day, and the store is synchronized to apple special shopping day “once a year”.

however, this obviously can not meet the fans’ heart. Consumer research center director Zhang Meng said in electronics industry and domestic consumers are concerned about the generally, apple official flagship store to see if there is special pricing strategy.

yesterday, zte, huawei, four mainstream manufacturers, cool, lenovo announced backed day cat for 618 years, not only stock quantity beyond double tenth last year, also out of the day the cat custom, new start, mainstream popularity into electricity years large presses, and play will also be diverse, closer to the Internet fans groups. And millet, samsung, philips, and many other well-known brands at home and abroad to participate in and promote Tmall years.

commentators, the third-party distributors than apple, has a more flexible marketing strategy, and aims at Chinese buyers needs, develop a variety of packages and breaks. For apple flagship store, the channel was set up shop in Tmall can let the apple with the rapid growth of domestic online shoppers close contact, more ground shopping habits. But apple also needs to become more “adjust measures to local conditions”, timely adjust the sales policy according to the platform.

so far, apple has not confirmed. Apple Tmall customer service for consultation also reply, “not received notice.”