The apple will be released at the WWDC smart home software platform

Beijing time on May 27, news, according to the financial times website reported that apple will be scheduled for next week’s worldwide developers conference (WWDC) published on smart home software platform.

according to the report, the company plans to use this platform to iOS devices, including the iPhone into intelligent household equipment control tool, to control the lighting, security system and home appliance equipment and so on the Internet. Reports also said that this platform will become a part of the iPhone, adopt the method of centralized control, rather than distributed in more than one third party applications.

the financial times, said this platform will not only with the iPhone and integrating the device, and at the same time will also be integrated with the apple TV set-top boxes, apple is expected later this year to upgrade its set-top box products. This system will allow users to set the indoor lighting is given priority to automatically open when I come home, or in the open when leaving home security system. According to the report, the way the system works against the third party will be similar to the apple hardware “Made for iPhone” plan, permits Dropcam, Nest, and philips and other furniture accessories manufacturers to its interconnection device authentication, thus cooperation with apple’s central automation platform operation.

the financial times, the system and AirPlay, compares the CarPlay and iBeacon, low-power said it can use Bluetooth (Bluetooth LE) some automation function. Report also noted that some analysts had forecast, according to the company the next iPhone will use NFC (near field communication) technology, is to coordinate well with the intelligent household purposes.

for SmartThings are already offering similar services such as start-up, apple included in the smart home market could be bad news; But for consumers, the addition of apple can improve its using intelligent household equipment from overall speed. At present, although the home appliance such as philips and honeywell company to enter the market is increasingly, smart home technology is widely used for the level is still in its infancy.

Google has said it intends to put the focus on the Internet of things and smart home technology, which means that the company need to actively take action to share in the market.

in addition, the company also is expected to be released at the worldwide developers conference in the new iOS and OS X, the specific time is likely to be in on June 2, the theme of the speech. (tang)