The battle of meizu millet Michael since face closed the road

hunting cloud network on April 29

the meizu MX3 just put price to 1799 for five days, millet was hurrying up slow drive bargain to 1699 on Monday, open warehouse release cargo. That stop at zte sneer: “don’t sell goods to clearance!” , there is a but to get to the two men, appears to be ready to hit another weibo really comment on the history of ourselves! And a on the record owner is accused the meizu plagiarism.

the meizu price goods is in after generations of flagship promotion experience, developed by the library tube market cycle, can say to the price of time, all previous dynasties. millet are obviously different, pure is millet 3 s is coming, have prepared ahead of time, suit to put price price war.

Michael claims that do not follow suit before compete on price, only for users with the highest cost-effective products, swept away here, choke yourself one.

since early can price for not? Now that can release cargo earlier, why early? Want to know 2 metres in March last year began to cut!

how two days ago also rob not to product, can suddenly accelerated bought today?

millet fearless no longer, more sophisticated

millet has just come out of time, high cost performance, social marketing model test, a fearless Portland demeanor. However, experienced, and 2, and 1 to 3 m today, everything is not the same.

remember when m 1 and m 2 youth version? And at the beginning of active price? Today, 3 m price cuts, but still waiting for the meizu dry one.

the same thing happens in the meizu MX2 put price, millet in the same narrow margin put price selling the meters 2 s. this with m 1 and m 2 times of millet is completely different.

maybe you will say, huawei, zte, cool a price war, all the coming and millet millet don’t not how to listen to? This time is just happened to the timing of the price, the two hit together.

it hit the number of times is also too frequently, also a little coincidence! And careful analysis also is not hard to find it.

first, millet and the former three clear difference of the target population, and are snapping up, without a price war; Second, millet fundamental dozen however before 3, on the basis of a price tag can only be bullied meizu; Third, red rice is not your core product line, do not need to spend too much on it.

meizu is the biggest threat, millet or core hardware

once user so evaluation meizu: the meizu is too rigid pedantic, too on the product ecological axis, the user experience is difficult to compliment, make it difficult to love. But I will buy a meizu phone, then brush on beautiful MIUI, then download a meizu theme…

this is in the meizu MX2 era by many people sought after evaluation of the two companies. Then MX3, 3 m, then millet no longer fit the meizu phone…

when Michael has said, beautiful MIUI will fit domestic mobile phone. Meizu as one of the representative, has left behind.

the reason is, first of all, millet is exactly or hardware profits accounted for the core of company, can’t do dowry for others; Second, meizu flyme is increasingly mature, experience is enough to stick to the user.

the meizu flyme is currently on the market on reputation and experience, the only can keep pace with the beautiful miui products and other UI in quite some time can not threaten millet.

millet had to prevent the meizu.

more closed the millet

I do not know when, beautiful miui official support of mobile phones are getting slower and slower growth (plus has stopped development); I do not know when, beautiful miui support of mobile phone are no longer have a stable version.

millet’s barriers, have already started their closed up, will all use beautiful miui people into their own hardware ecology.

millet in a very long period of time after all, millet’s core interests are only hardware.

, millet, millet, millet, millet TV box router notebook… Can you think of down?

as long as it can let millet ecological more closed, more viscous, millet will not hesitate to do!

millet, is not at the beginning of millet.