The beautiful phone the second generation, fashion flood all designed exclusively for women

cloud network hunting on June 25,

as deep utility in the domestic Internet technology, the most representative company after generation and upgrade version of the beautiful mobile phone technology design, finally to bring us in terms of hardware and software are up to the most significant differentiation of mobile phone the second generation. In xiao yun after more than a month of trial experience, today for you to review in detail.

appearance article

simple unpacking TuShang. Xiao yun to is pink version, for Jivi is too bright SAO…

then we first from local to see the process and design, in the end we again from overall do a comprehensive analysis.

first of all, of course, not the camera. Beautiful mobile phone software and hardware combined with the most proud of is camera skin care function, and on the front and rear camera design also is “unusual” “maverick”.

a small camera, around a circle and a circle of steel wall decoration, plus too symmetrical design, ask for him to be a horrible one eyed person, and also with a layer of pink..

this is also a lot of men (curved or straight), and a small number of female female think it’s ugly.

but due to the precision of intermediate lens feeling, middle nested circles of glass Mosaic, and mirror the effect of the gray-brown at first glance has professional SLR filter effects, and finally the most outer pink coating and the technology of metal ring edge chamfering polishing, looks good.

so for girls is set high technology fashion pretend bility of heroic scene, but also a “fierce” steel to succumb to the feminine sexual psychological suggestion… Absolutely!

it’s a pity that xiao yun Jivi shoulder breadth is the strong man hands rough grew up playing with torre machinery, this convergence understated items is really think is coarse.

the first of three main elements of contrast too vague enough outstanding, unified light tones, dazzle light effect, the transition of no carefully polished, let a person feel a kind of stained glass. (image due to the Angle of the light looks contrast is obvious, it was not an actual perception)

for people who have more knowledge of machinery and materials, the simple sense of experience is less than what is said above. Pink coating and let those who deeply fear for marriage grave, feeling the deep malicious from this world.

here is the best way to improve is to put the glass in the middle of the circle grinding into the shape of a doughnut, form a lens with jade texture. Chamfering processing metal outer ring of the medial should also, in the top half of the garden again black plating, makes clear, orderly transition between segregation.

of course, the 3 d glass ring polishing plating, metal outer ring chamfer design, cost a lot, 2200 mobile phone is really difficult to under the cruel.

so I can only give girls convert some fashion of science and technology.

a front-facing camera, light, the receiver and the sensor.

the front-facing camera design is very delicate and beautiful, the receiver on the edge of the screen pack inside and outside the framework of cooperation formed squeeze out effect is very beautiful, and imitating metal black paint effects are very careful.

here praise one!

the back of the fuselage bottom data interface, and the receiver.

imitation of bottom lip design, with lipstick (forgive me my useless lip gloss) color and texture, radian is very good.

a tip or belly button of the receiver design, combined with four disc heart-shaped hollow out, did not reach the effect of hollow out and cream, pointed, though very practical is clever, but not much aesthetic feeling.

the bottom without any transition of feeder. Cracks caused by defective is really unbearable.

camera button, the power button, switch, hang act the role of pore volume.

the sides and rear camera outer ring of metal processing, has joined the pink coating, the side is also carried on the plating on the chamfer.

buttons larger image features. On the right side of the SIM bayonet.

button on the glare of chamfering processing.

what do you think of this structure?

to a positive figure.

from the picture, looks more beautiful. Practical experience, the plastic grinding out of lip gloss (or use the word), is very good, but I’m afraid even to law man retreated.

too more design, the design of the forehead and chin naked imitation lips, extreme highlights feminine sex appeal, basically designed for woman.

if you want to let a man go to pay, on the one hand, by women, on the other hand requires the designer to design point of convergence.

the back features.

here xiao yun will give you ask a question: everyone who see the beautiful phone 2 back design is to copy a cartoon bear? The point is easy to bear.

BiZiYan aside, left and right sides of the button’s claws, the head of the power button is the hair accessory. A carefully look also do not have lasting appeal. Mobile phone design aim for all kinds of cool, though, the kawaii style suppressed unpleasant.

as kang xi ye bring profuse guard of honor to go out to play, saw his rule the land of good, the scenery magnificent, so wet feeling great let eunuch to ink, fine a stroke of a pen, a short test in white-washed starched painted on rice paper a brief pen teddy bear…

then people around a famished, kang xi ye also looked at what sorry, but we also came close, then give him put on the steel side glass bone! To apply some glare, right. Wow! People around you will be happy, immediately praised: have cultural connotation!

Overall evaluation:

the beautiful phone the second generation is one of the few to think about the design style of mobile phone, with many fashion elements, look like a fashion magazine editor do products produced by the product manager.

but is unclear resource constraints or the designer’s experience, the product is just worry of eight panic to stack a number of different design elements, and then by significantly compromise on color texture to blend together. Make some detail is very rough, a focal point of design concept is fuzzy, no prominent bright eye.

designer may be wronged feel leave gaps, patchwork effect is also a kind of aesthetic feeling, and then gives what Bauhaus, gothic style, ancient Rome, and so on noun explanation. But at least you put together without good reflects the different material between “assembled” aesthetic feeling.

maybe xiao yun is naturally can not understand fashion, for you beauty may buy a mobile phone, like to buy a dress, just to collect all kinds of style elements, and finally with the other dress do not ring the bell for collocation fusion, and then show their special talented.

ok. Xiao yun is, after all, men, women also need people to judge, I wouldn’t have to cut in. More.

it is worth mentioning, however, is a solid cell phone won’t work.

system review

unlock desktop tear sheets.

need to mention here is that the beautiful design of mobile phone system as a whole is basically a minimalist enough to give priority to, no extra features, and also made it very stable, in xiao yun to use more than a month, no card machine, restart.

for example: desktop can’t replace subject; The camera can’t set specific parameters.

but temptation for the desktop provides a long, fruity two styles. Two sets of ICONS very flattering beautification adapted the third-party icon. As shown in figure show two underlying code.

look not good-looking people judge – in fact in xiao yun to use more than a month, slowly also feel the long version of the icon also look good. After all slender profile will force us to observe the internal pattern design, pattern design is still pretty good!

a few characteristics of desktop plug-in design, and shake to trigger the eggs. With the overall dazzle light sharp design element is very match.

plugins, dropdown interface.

it should be pointed out that, the beautiful here once again showed his attitude to drag function streamline, the drop-down list shortcut cannot user customization.

fashion editor level layout design patterns. Here the preload of animation design very attentively.

the dial-up interface with wallpaper change the interface. Wallpaper can still change, but no live wallpaper.

camera interface. Look not to understand don’t have any professional parameters adjustment.

the functions of image application. Haunted by a ghost, everyone be careful!

MEIOS design from the architecture to the color shading, are extremely meticulous design, complete echo the appearance of mobile phones, make the mobile phone has a rare unity as a whole.

although in operating logic and other android phones and no difference, but also made the extremely compact, but basically all interface elements were redesigned, flat style succinct, full of fashion design layout, and their overall design had good echo.

about the users touch the sound, the bell of the experience of the beautiful and unique glass percussion and music box and its appearance from among the elements very nicely timbre design and so on.

camera review

xiao yun to pick the along while finally find a not monster..

the beautiful skin care function will satisfy. Look at my bushy eyebrows, and one could see very clearly, and my three double eyelids…

in the evening the tear sheet. Image color saturation, reduction degree are good. But because of the large aperture, light volume, makes the scene is very difficult to have clear administrative levels, lack of depth of field is always slightly.

macro photography. Won’t phone the second generation of strong macro effect is a little bit down, or there is no function of macro photography.

xiao yun, after numerous macro shot attempts, found that most mobile phones can achieve the shooting distance is 2 ceiling in 6 ~ 7 cm, now is in the distance can focus shows clear pictures, and can’t shoot. Distance can really shoot to 10 cm away.

before the cameras in the evening as the fill light. Accidentally teach xiao yun color of skin, still very man!

but after adaptation, or being able to take the picture of the pink is tender pink. Really useful, as the fill light and not ShanYan.

although the front is in good condition as the fill light, but in the flash algorithm aspects still need to work hard.

the flash clap a night view as shown in figure, is this kind of virtue, but it is a problem algorithm, should soon, the beautiful can improve.


the beautiful phone the second generation outstanding fashion appearance and strong take differentiation function, very unique and bright eye. Inexperienced but maybe is a designer, maybe 2199 price limit, has many obvious flaws, although the use of high quality work to the decoration, but still can not cover the design is not fine.

in general that this is a well designed made products, although not outstanding, but at least is to pass the window product. Worth giving affirmation. Very feminine design, although the xiao yun was very niang, but their heart was full of rejection.

are looking forward to the beautiful of the next generation of advanced version of the product design, this version is left to the broad masses of women enjoy preferential treatment.

into the dog’s summer heat, you take care of yourself!