The beneficial attempt won 2 brand mobile phone model

hunting cloud network on April 28,

last night, was a great star beauty white-collar workers fired the beautiful cell phone for a month or two competing garden art centre in Beijing, finally beautiful runway, evening orchestra cushion field, is a literary men and women of all dream big!

from hunting you Jivi trial of products, and with the several beauty, beautiful mobile phone operation really popular!

and settled down to see, the beautiful mobile phone really brought what new breath for our market?

The difference of the


first of all, from the point of mobile hardware, “MT6592 eight core 1.7 GHz processor + Milbeaut image processor”, LG 4.7 inch HD 720 p retina screen, built-in 2 gb of RAM and 16 gb/32 gb ROM. Front and rear camera is 13 million pixels, the rear camera is equipped with two flash light, adopt F2.0 large aperture, and beside the front 13000000 megapixel camera, the beautiful phone 2 adds a fill light, to ensure the quality of autodyne in low light environment.

in terms of price, “the beautiful mobile phone 2” 16 gb version for 2199 yuan, the 32 gb version of 2399 yuan, a limited edition of 2999 yuan. Such a price, according to the MT6592 eight nuclear program phone horizontal ratings, “the beautiful mobile phone 2” price is go home, is too expensive!

but if before the high-end machine, it is too cheap. And from the site Jivi survey view, they are really very most recognized high-end position of mobile phone, don’t care about the same mediatek eight nuclear program has done below one thousand.

their opinions basic is:

the beautiful mobile phone design is very beautiful, unique identification is very high (Jivi of this said also in slowly accept, digest, after all, personal feel this design is too ugly); The beautiful mobile phone taking pictures is more simple, don’t need more high technology, can quickly take a picture of a high-grade, especially new beautiful phone 2, there is no other than phone. That’s enough!

ok! Jivi understood that for many people, the United States is their spiritual sustenance, they need without delay to seize every gap to collect occasionally pops out of the beautiful inspiration in life. If can’t catch…

and the beautiful is such a high efficiency, god general products. Most software has become synonymous with high-grade, beautiful in their heart that is an unshakable high-end brands. The beautiful phone go in touch.

of course, the beautiful phone 2 in the hardware side of photography really obvious differentiation, before and after the 1300 w camera is not too much new idea, but Milbeaut professional image processor and a front, as the fill light moment let you beauty thought: a professional photographer, handsome for his photographs in the high-end film studio, around hei meng is unconscious, handsome photographer eye focus completely on yourself, several sensitive capture, plus a few shortcuts image processing of natural and unrestrained. Handsome photographer thinks beauty show themselves in their own eyes…

how to how excited. But these hardware alone is not enough.

software service experience of extreme

light hardware stack is obviously not enough, the current domestic second-tier handset vendors are doing fine early hardware packing, just a second line handset makers also can make mobile phone hardware, such as the beautiful but absolutely do not like the beautiful style.

this is why won’t the software differentiation of extreme experience, and hiding in the back of strong brands.

the picture show, convenient operation, comparable to PS image processing effect, won the vast users for himself.

Wu Xinhong data are given according to the conference, won his products at present, the mobile end users has reached 422 million, has been ranked fourth in the domestic, and even more than the sohu and 360. So vast users bring their publicity, is difficult to estimate.

followed by the beautiful product has high playability, and makes the product affinity, high product experience, make the outstanding brand image .

whether the picture show, or a camera, or is the beauty of the upcoming film, is to provide users with creative and convenient products, playability is very high, the product experience. In the user thinks laid a good brand image technology.

and integrated hardware and software experience, most mobile phones differentiating experience is very outstanding, with other mobile phone contrasted strongly on the photo.

“my casio later.” A woman said to the next to the conference.

what brand? Marketing is part of the big local tyrants of the company’s expertise, device must socialization of the spread of the Internet marketing is in the market for many years old.

for both are not good at the company, the brand value. Brand value, including differentiation of software and hardware, ultra high playability of experience, to fit, cause the user’s psychological needs.

this time is really very difficult, from deeply cultivated for many years in the field of smart phones meizu is evident. Meizu differentiation of the software and hardware is in place, but from the aspects of playability, user experience is not enough, the imperfect, the theme of the unfinished smartbar and that won’t appear the imagined explosion effect.

let users recognize your brand from the experience, for the goal of the beautiful people, won’t do it. And unicom, suning two industry giants of cooperation, from the side also proved that the recognition of the market.

in the end, Jivi mean is: personal feel beautiful phone from hardware to the design of the system on the style, appearance is ugly outrageous. They talk to a lot of beauty, however, is the other extreme, feel very beautiful…

or wait for testing machine after get Jivi detailed interpretation for you again, for the hair so big a group of people will think he is very beautiful, but I just don’t like?