The benefits of the Internet for hardware industry: large capital andie ripening effect

on July 22, hunting cloud network

millet after the fire, “the Internet model” as the core concept of hardware business presents a blowout the outbreak of the state, in the last two years of the new media focus, make ordinary users encountered great variety of new hardware products, suddenly feel the whole world is wonderful.

in the concept of “hardware” Internet then hot, hot money in the markets started to squeeze into the hardware industry, at the moment is like a blooming, stir things, simply just can’t hold it…

then the “Internet hardware” in the hardware industry has brought the new atmosphere?

small products began to hold up big dream

previous hardware company research and development of new products, only at the forefront of science and technology, computers, mobile phones and so on the new technology of intensive research and development to win the eye, is considered to be potential for development. But after with “Internet”, everything has changed.

Internet entrance, platform, ecology, and then… Everything could be (ride) entrance, hardware platform, ecological, no matter how high technology content, investors will be highlighted. Like: quick button, intelligent electrical outlet.

software, entrance concept is greater than the hardware itself

since the Internet is “hardware”, since the row in front of the “Internet”, since the Internet hardware is with hardware spell Internet ecosystem, improve the user viscosity, so obviously, the focus of Internet hardware is a software!

to hardware products to attract customers, improve the user viscosity, the hardware as the entrance to promote their own software. Hardware is more like a software entrance, on this basis, to build an Internet platform dream.

big capital operation makes again small entrepreneurial teams also have hope of rapid expansion, don’t have to be limited by its own resources

previous hardware development step by step, enterprises need their supply of production run, run, run, and then slowly after earnings grew with the attitude of snowball…

this process is very long, the lack of capital enterprises need five or six years, even ten years will be formed a certain scale, want to continue to be a international bosses? Pray god for good luck, then rolling a snowball.

the Internet hardware clearly has more obvious advantages, the introduction of large capital operation, no matter how small, entrepreneurial teams can immediately get mature, high-quality channels, improve the supply chain, sufficient funds. Don’t have to suffer from more than ten years of painful snowball.

but the premise is: you have to have a well-functioning, positive technology, research and development team!

big capital, who will carefully listen to your ideas, but also more care about your core technology team. An entrepreneurial teams, creative idea fails, in the development of the next can always attract so active thinking of a person, as long as the founder can respond with an open mind to discover do not have to worry about, but if you don’t have a positive technology research and development team, has more idea is nonsense, investors can’t believe you.