The blackberry announced restructuring over, new era is about to open

Reuters reported that, in their “surprise” of a memo from the blackberry company internal communication, blackberry CEO John Chen said: “corporate restructuring has been completed stage victory, the future blackberry will open a new era”.

at the time of the blackberry accelerated decline, Mr John Chen reimbursing, bravely to act as the “sage lest shun, incompetent sharpening head to plunge into” the burden of. With and their radical restructuring of the company’s level of eloquence, Mr John Chen with the tongue of the three inches, has repeatedly caused the media attention again to the blackberry. Blackberry can stage a comeback is unclear, but because Mr John Chen’s efforts, is going to climb up the blackberry is never out of the level of the public view.

John Chen in already don’t know is which part (third)? Accident outflow of internal file said: “we have already completed the restructuring the notification process. Big layoffs should not happen again. In the future we will focus on developing reasonably increasing recruitment of department.”

the blackberry’s current number of 7000 employees, and the height of the total number of employees 17500 people. In the past few months, John Chen cut a large number of senior agent, is more automatic and change into the right-hand man, including his old subordinates.