The blackberry is launching a medical smartphone to view CT scans

according to Reuters, the blackberry NantHealth announced purchase health science and technology on Tuesday IT company, interested in health technology, looking for Renaissance basis points.

the blackberry through turmoil after years of mergers and acquisitions, has been trying to stop, search for new FaZhanDian, broaden the market, to further attract of political science and law, Banks and other large customers.

John Chen’s fancy NantHealth nothing but is also a choice the development prospects and the advantage of the blackberry projects can supplement each other, the blackberry’s privacy protection and data security has always been one of its characteristics. He thinks that this investment is quite a proactive, also is very important to the development of the blackberry.

the blackberry number of specific investments have not been made public, however, according to a NantHealth won’t again to the blackberry for investment.

the blackberry in NantHealth is teamed with a focus on health care of smart phones. The device can not only meet user demand such as watching movies, playing games, shopping consumption, at the same time can view the 3 d images with CT scans. Blackberry strategy development department director Jim Mackey said that the phone will be released in late 2014 or early next year. He also revealed that the cooperation with NantHealth became involved in traditional industry is the blackberry.

the topic back to NantHealth.

california-based NantHealth currently set up information platform of cloud has covered more than 250 hospitals, connected by more than 16000 medical equipment. The future of cooperation with the blackberry will further broaden its service basis.

founder NantHealth Patrick Soon – Shiong is an entrepreneur that medical practitioner experience, after successively founded and resale company brought many benefits, for its precision is eyes. (gen company: American Pharmaceutical Partners with Abraxis BioScience)

he also believes that privacy and data security and patients are equally important to the company. “Blackberry this aspect of professional technology to expand for NantHealth mobile platform to lay a good foundation, safe and reliable can make NantHealth based on mobile devices provide more services for the user.” In his view, the blackberry is to service and customer focus strategy and big companies NantHealth quite fit —

the blackberry’s recent financial situation is not optimistic, iOS and Android mobile phone market, in the face of huge losses only are layoffs and cut the costs, so far has cut more than 9500 people, nearly half of all employees.

is supposed to pick up the slack of John Chen is now finally decided to highlight the safety of the blackberry, and the focus from the consumer market gradually transferred to moderate this kind of large customers, have to say there are quite a part of or enterprise users for blackberry entity keys have feelings.