The British start-ups make application class tencent bottles, and that can be a great success

come see application — a new news. And now, all the messages application, the function of it is in the form of random messaging interface your photos, text (or photos) with instructions sent to users anywhere in the world, can send up to 50 people at a time.

into cyberspace, like drifting bottle into a virtual news (actually more like a case of bottles, each bottle containing the same message), you just have to wait for any people who want to reply you. Meanwhile, Fling will be marked on the map you roughly be thrown in what position. Once someone throw back you message, you can double-click on the reply, edit the new message, began to private chat with him.

although fling and photo sharing application Snapchat look similar, but Snapchat is “burn after reading”, and the message on the fling will keep for a long time. So if you want to send some vulgar indecent, but watch out, they will stay at a lot of people on the phone. Of course, it could also be what you want the effect… I received a message that is labeled “hello world”, a topless boy’s photo. Minors is obviously Fling audiences.

you may feel now few people on the smartphone home screen into a message again. But, in fact, only a month ago on the iOS release Fling, so far has accumulated 375000 downloads, has 180000 active users. In addition, there have been over more than 150 of message is received.

but think of it, each message can to multiple to 50 (the user can set up to how many people), considering the interface design, this kind of viral and set the use of the rapid proliferation way (when I test, the default receiving number is 42), the number of early so big is not surprising.

when a user with pictures of bombing and others at random chat with strangers fresh disappeared gradually, Fling whether can continue to go, it remains to be seen. You know, novelty could come fierce, but also disappeared quickly. Time will prove that minors is falling in love with Fling, or discard the turned his attention elsewhere.

a little Fling wouldn’t say it out: in addition to the leisure entertainment, Fling may be regarded as a virtual seduce application, used to search for remote sexting chat partners, the one-to-one to send a message with photos. Unfortunately, reply my message was received in a photo male genitalia. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Fling is college students’ social networking start-ups in the UK side projects. It is gradually separated from the Unii, become an independent company. Unii raised in A and B round about 6.8 million pounds, part of which has been used to develop Fling. “We will now to Fling financing” alone, the founder of Nardone says.

MarcoNardone said, in a flight earlier this year, he had a Fling the idea.

“at the end of January when I fly to Hong Kong, as I stared at the seat when the route map on the screen, I can not type fast in notepad to record my thoughts, it is a maddening moment.” He said. “If we reverse message structure? If you can throw a private message to the world, also can truly see it take off and land in various parts of the world map, as I have seen in British airways seats on the screen, how wonderful. When the plane landed, I have designed the original Fling.”