The bus] Bryant to ali

today must have many students all know the famous NBA superstar kobe Bryant came to alibaba creek park. As senior sports entertainment gossip news reporter tabloids, certainly can’t pass this important news.

many classmates in surprise are sure Bryant why suddenly appeared in the factory. Company to build alibaba basketball team to enter the NBA?

don’t try so hard, the tabloids help people asked Bryant, actually, the purpose of this to alibaba and nothing special, just drop by to meet his old friend, friend – ma students.

kobe with alibaba, and in 2009, ma affinity is alifest

the conference he also sent a pair of oversized basketball shoes to ma

kobe for the persistence of the spirit of basketball, like Ma Zong for perception of the philosophy of tai chi, a piece.

Bryant think basketball is life, life is just like a basketball, will encounter many setbacks, difficulties, and even injury, but these problems have to face it, face it, beat it.

in Ma Zong office, kobe Bryant and Ma Zong talked a lot, he wants to do, to help more people

in fact in the network era today, literature, art, sports,… Whichever category, as long as the heart, to be able to give back to society, and help more people in need of help

as cooperate with soong ching ling foundation of kobe Bryant’s China fund, the purpose is to help the poor mountainous areas have books to read, children have to learn…

just a few hours of journey, kobe Bryant and Ma Zong happy not only discusses the future of countless possible and resultful. On our way to visit to our basketball venues also praised

girl, kobe watching you play well, and praise is good oh, did you hear that?

Bryant told tabloid king, next time have time can come to ali’s friends to come to work for a shop (basketball training), like basketball friends look forward to his next trip to ali!

See you, kobe Bryant, free often come to play!

source: ali tabloid king