The car to download the Dash, the most intimate “automobile doctor”

the Dash intelligent driving assistant Android debuted earlier this year, is now log on to the iOS platform. Dash application supported by the New York satellites can connect the car any ODB – II receptors (most of the vehicles should be equipped with 1996 years after the production, it is easy to get), to provide fuel efficiency, and even to travel vehicle diagnostic information feedback.

the on-board diagnosis (ODB) of modern car port is widely used in modern car fault monitoring and maintenance field. Dash into the available database, connect with bluetooth (amazon’s minimum 10 dollars can buy) ODB receiver.

I use car Dash for some time, it adds a lot of driving experience. Such as when the fault light is lit up, it can tell you what’s wrong with your car, it also can at reasonable interest rates to calculate how much you spend money to solve the problem, including part failure and labor force, it can even make you turn off the trouble light.

the Dash can also based on fuel efficiency, driving skills and braking severity to calculate the cost of travel. Every time I travel out, the app will also provide feedback, telling the user how to improve the scores, which means that improve the efficiency of driving energy and cost, extend the life of the brake pads and engine parts. Other features include location near the gas station, price query, road emergencies and mechanics principle. Complete all of the above behavior, users don’t need to leave the Dash.

the user habit Dash into “car version of the Fitbit” products. Similar products such as Automatic also applies software called Link dedicated ODB receiver. The Dash application choose according to where the user wants to spend money for its hardware to provide enough flexibility. In addition, it also has the first-class design, although just made its debut in Android, its iOS has let a person feel seems to be as comfortable at home.

the Dash the optimization for the user, only in the United States itunes store to buy, but it more attention on their driving habits of users is a great (and free) solution, whether they want to optimize the driving experience, or out of curiosity.