The cheetah mobile successful IPO entrepreneurs to bring what lessons?

(word/Yao Hongxi)

the Internet industry has been familiar with Fu Cheng comparison. After the former building 360 security guards and Zhou Hongyi break, switched to investment started to cattle and curve back to safe areas, after get lei jun appreciation to join golden hill family, since then, golden hill network brand grew louder, growth in the giant cracks, become one of the indispensable domestic Internet field, and 360 on security, browser, etc, sogou formation.

business from 2009 to now, five years’ time, Fu Cheng leadership of the company from a few small teams to now more than 1000 people, and even all over the country set up overseas offices in San Francisco. Even more landmark event, cheetah move (the former golden hill network) has just been listed on the nyse’s success. High price in the range of $14 to $15.25 opening price rose 8.9%, the highest valuation of $2.28 billion. This in the case of Chinese stocks fell with the performance is not easy.

look at first cheetah move some of the key data:

? In the first quarter of this year, the cheetah mobile global mobile end users up to 502.1 million, rose 44.9%. Among them, in March 2014, 362 million monthly active users, 223 million active users mobile terminal; 63% of mobile end month live users for overseas customers.

? 2011 revenue of about $2011, 2012 to 287 million yuan, in 2013 is about 750 million yuan ($124 million), than the growth rate of more than 100%. Net profit growth faster, net loss of about $30 million, 2011, 2012 net profit of about 9.8 million yuan, in 2013 net profit of about 62.02 million yuan (about $10.25 million).

in the history has such a high speed growth, the company in the United States science and technology also does not see more, not to mention an epidemic and the competition is so fierce in the domestic market. Fu Cheng road to success with the cheetah mobile domestic entrepreneurs to provide experience for reference, the following look at the survival skills of cheetah, product concept of evolution and expansion path.

a, select the right people

the first human factor, because it is the foundation of any product and business strategy, including founding team, capital, partners, etc. This regard, seemingly is lucky also closely associated with Fu Cheng eyes.

Fu Chenggang is Xu Ming start a business partner, from 360 polished products eventually with Zhou Hongyi views to the left at the same time, a life’s brother. A few years down, Fu Cheng command the overall situation of the company, Xu Ming as CTO absorption technology, a clear division of responsibilities and work together.

in Fu Cheng cattle network era, the count of China zhang ying as investors power, then is also the most need to encourage moment Fu Cheng. Most important for Fu Cheng and cheetah mobile, however, that is lei jun. He was led to the cattle with kingsoft security network business to merge, and then develop their power and ideas for golden hill network. Today, millet hardware as well as the rapid development in boosting the cheetah mobile network products.

2, company strategy: from edge to center

for the relative lack of resources of small companies, the first thing to do is consciously looking for the so-called “edge”, is not in the leader and the central region, find a competition they despise or didn’t find the edge of the woven, unexpected results.

cheetah is such representatives. Cheetah cleaning master began to choose the weak competition market environment relatively loose, cut into the overseas market. In one edge of the United States and other markets such as lead, to further expand to more widely, such as China, Japan, Russia and Britain, the center of the market.

in the very beginning, cheetah mobile do overseas market is quietly into the village. Re-enacting the domestic field of smoke, but quietly in the overseas layout, afraid of disturb, causing 360 rivals such as follow.

three, product strategy: single point breakthrough

in the cheetah mobile currently product system, cheetah master cleaning can be released late but rapidly growing, has become the most bright eye of The Times listed products. In September 2012 cheetahs cleaning master in a foreign country for the first time, then this product has been explosive growth. As of March 31, 2014, on $139.9 million active users, active users for 72.9 million. According to the App Annie, in March 2014, monthly downloads, clean up the master is a tool for global ranking first in the Google Play application.

this is seen as a cheetah mobile “single point of breakthrough” the best example. The core of this strategy is to find themselves on a single point of breakthrough point, on a single point on the edge of the find their foothold, investment, in the form of others can’t be put into it is possible to find different opportunities. This, for entrepreneurs has a reference value.

cheetah how to do? In the early days of the outbreak of comply with the demand of users with the concept of “clean”. First, clean up is a point to play deep; Second, the safety of the future is essentially clean; Third, overseas is a big advantage, and the overall situation of local battlefield. By this point, and then to drive the other products to achieve greater victory.

4, product matrix: tool from the tool platform to empire

in the cheetah moving all tools products, cheetah cleaning master is similar to “locomotive”, after accumulating vast users to turn into a tool platform. In it, a lot of different “car”, and these all areas, “car” will occupy tools such as mobile security, browser, desktop lock screen, to the application distribution, system optimization, forming a kingdom of tools, tools, matrix.

today cheetah, positioning is not only a security service company already, more like a mobile tool software provider, according to the Fu Cheng explanation is “small tool could achieve big dreams”.

and on this basis to build the business model more and more mature, cheetah future mobile applications will become the main distribution and game combined transport, precision marketing to achieve business model of the closed loop.

five, the giant strong support

after merged into jinshan family, cheetah mobile got kingsoft on talents, technology and recommend resources support. Before then the evolution of Internet security competition, such as tencent, baidu and 360 bad, which makes the two giants have alliance with Fu Cheng etc. Support is not only a resource level and, of course, investment in real capital.

a giant, cheetah mobile can rest assured with the 360 smash on product level, and launch differentiated products and marketing ideas. More interesting is that in the listing, baidu, kingsoft and tencent and millet have flocked to the cheetah move of the shares issued, which as a cornerstone investors for the cheetah IPO performance.

of course, the success of the cheetah has a certain amount of luck, but still more strategy properly and team struggle together the day after tomorrow. After all, while the iron is hot to be plate hard, man proposes, god disposes man in person.