The company is developing “iron man” armor

Hollywood special Effects company Legacy Effects are participating in a mission impossible: look for America’s elite troops make “iron man” type armour, designed to protect American soldiers and enhance their effectiveness. In the future, in this kind of flexible light shell armor soldiers will be able to carry hundreds of pounds of equipment.

the appointed by the us military’s Legacy Effects designers have been a number of Hollywood blockbusters, create impressive hero characters in the film including the terminator, “robocop”, “captain America” and “iron man”. Popular 3 d printers for little Robert? Downey (Robert Downey Jr.) in the “iron man” garment accessories print work done, but the these printers are a garment prototype print parts by the department of defense.

TALOS project

senior officials of the U.S. military recently reviewed the future armor of three kinds of design, and that’s just by the U.S. military Special Operations Command (Special Operations Command, SOC) launched the “Tactical Assault Light armour” (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, TALOS) the initial stage of the project. Heads the military on the mike? Anfield’s (Mike Fieldson) said: “we are trying to launch a revolutionary tactics and equipment.”

the U.S. military members formed a professional for a broad range of project team, project members include: biological engineers, experts, scientific and technological elite and one is from insects shell in the secret of looking for the solution of the Canadian researchers. While involved in the project company including special effects model maker, small technology companies as well as Raytheon (Raytheon Co.), lockheed? Martin (Lockheed Martin Corp.,) and General Dynamics (General Dynamics) and so on national defense war industry enterprise.

this light armour armor will be able to completely change the way American troops fighting. Over the years, in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the us soldiers have been trying to reduce burden. At that time, every American soldier in performing the duty of part of the total weight of equipment more than 125 pounds ($57 kg), including weapons, electronic equipment and self-defense armor. Iron man armor designer, said the heaviest fighting soldiers of up to 400 pounds (182 kilograms), needs strong “exoskeleton” armor was able to get the armed forces speed and flexibility. But the question now is: the existing “exoskeleton” armor can’t bear the weight.


Legacy Effects founder lindsay? McGovern flew

many technology companies to participate in the


iron man armor generated record

Ekso Bionics is headquartered in Richmond, California medical exoskeleton design and manufacturing company. The company co-founder lars? Ann gould (Russ Angold) pointed out: “Hollywood really let the iron man’s coat become ultrathin, super light, flexible and ultra energy saving. So, we really want to solve this problem, try to ask: reality version of the iron man grow into what look like?”

this is already not the United States department of defense research and development of the first armor for future projects. In the past few years, the U.S. military has invested tens of millions of dollars in funds for the future and the development of but far from the desired results. The failure of the past research and development experience makes us lawmakers for the project.

so far, SOC has invested about $10 million on this project. Because does not belong to the defense department’s official project, the project has not fixed budget spending. It makes some U.S. lawmakers are worried, and the House Armed Services Committee (House Armed Services Committee) in recent report also calls for SOC related work, to make sure the project is not a waste of taxpayers’ money in the United States.

the New America Foundation, a think-tank in Washington, the New America Foundation), the War in the Future (Future of War) project, a senior fellow at the Peter? Singh (Peter Singer) pointed out: “this is a far-reaching project, but for now, most of the project idea is only stay within the scope of the science and entertainment. We have a long way to go, but it is not insurmountable technical barriers.

energy provides a biggest problem

one of the biggest difficulties is the energy problem. “Iron man” in the arms dealer Tony? Stark, Tony Stark) developed subminiature “ark” reactor (arc reactor) to provide power for the armor. But in the real world and no similar super power source, project developers have to laugh at the idea of a “arc reactor” reality version.

Ekso Bionics Ann gould says: “the iron man was right: everything is arc reactor. If someone really can be developed, that’s a really wonderful.” Ann gould and his team in a by ford motor factory is a research and development work in the workshop, the workshop have been used in the manufacture of tanks during world war ii. Office’s technology start-ups unique style, with a high ceiling, open workspace and long pool table. By the company and lockheed? Martin cooperation design of large “exoskeleton” battle suit is in a prominent location on the shelf, next to a big box and a large number of abandoned, helmet, shoulder, knee stent war boots and hinge, etc., these are derived from early iron man armor get inspiration and designed.

the researchers estimate that the department of defense, they need to be weighed 365 pounds (166 kilograms) of battery pack can be envisaged in the armor to provide enough power. The researchers hope designed for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) small engines will become better alternatives. This headache energy problems prompted a Canadian researchers asked by the United States army without power driven the development of a “exoskeleton” armor for replacement. In order to solve this problem, the Canadian team is looking at 600 pounds (272 kilograms) of Japanese sumo wrestler how can move freely.

Mawashi Protective Clothing Inc. Is a company based in the Canadian province of Quebec, the bionic design company “exoskeleton” and Protective coat. The company’s founder, Alan? Joel DE (Alain Bujold) said: “this is a new research field.” Through the study of insects, such as lobster and armadillo shell biology, the company has developed several protective coat.

operational requirements for equipment reform


made of foam helmet

three American commandos involved in garment design and testing process. And garment design team has scanned the testers body index, and print out of the human body model of three special thought they tailored “exoskeleton” armor. Massachusetts Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, Natick as Research, Development and Engineering Center) is responsible for the Development of XOS mechanical armor David? Odette (David Audet) pointed out: “if we can’t develop can help soldiers fighting light armour, they will continue to be plagued by super load operations. We let them getting too much combat equipment.”

in December 2012, the U.S. navy SEAL Team 6 (SEAL Team SIX) raid is located in a building in eastern Afghanistan, rescue, under the control of local militia, an American doctor. According to military officials, it is the action became a great turning point in “exoskeleton” armor for r&d project. In the rescue operation, a seal team member was shot dead. Responsible for directing the operation of the United States navy admiral William? Admiral (adm. William McRaven) resolutely decided his forces need better equipment.

U.S. special operations command purchasing director James? Jie ur Mr. (James Geurts) said: “this is worth us to rethink the events: one of our long-term plan in where? Based on the existing methods, we have done can do almost everything. It was time to take aggressive measures?”

there is big different between reality and fantasy

with the advancement of the project, Mr Gould invited iron man armor for the designers of the original joined the project. He pointed out that if the Legacy Effects companies can a functioning armor for the design of the film, then they may be a similar products for the design of the military.

One of the founders of

Legacy Effects lindsay? McGovern flew (Lindsay MacGowan) pointed out: “when you make a movie, the special effects are illusory. Computer-generated special effects can provide armor with virtual technology, such as flight. Clothing designed for the military war, however, is quite another matter.”

in early may, in the first group of armor model delivery deadline approaches, the SOC took over a private factory is located in st. Petersburg, Florida, salt water lake, the workshop distance SOC headquarters in Tampa (term). SOC set different all of the r&d team in the workshop for centralized research and development.

design personnel, points out that the existing prototype armor might not equivalent to that of the armor in the movie. McGovern flew also said: “the first prototype armor is not possible to have the function of flying in the short term, but enough to become an arms is of great significance in the history of the product.” (JingSun)

source: tencent technology