The company with an Israeli rocket technology online selling furniture

the Iron Dome project (Iron Dome) is a complex mechanical can intercept and destroy the rocket in the air, the combination of software and computer algorithm. But, can you imagine a branch of missile defense technologies, can also be used to sell furniture? !

Cimagine is one of the 12 km away from the west coast of the United States Israeli start-up company, its research and development of online shopping software allows people to walk with mobile devices in the home, from the screen to see a couch or coffee table that are for sale, what it’s like to be placed in each room. The smart phone or the system combined with the 3 d scene image and furniture, can you buy or not buy on the show put things after truth.

the new e-commerce tools, and other innovative technology, including pills with miniature cameras, is ambitious the rocket plan is consistent with Israel. Iron dome founded by rafael advanced defense systems of state-owned enterprises, has successfully shot down thousands of up to 70 kilometers of deadly hamas missiles, and put them into a white smoke. The founder of a Cimagine was rafael Iran startup, a software engineer of the engineering team.

technical strength is attributed to the country of Israel almost constant state of war. Last year, according to according to the British think tank the international institute for strategic studies, the Israel defence spending 15.2 billion dollars on war, or about 6% of gross domestic product. This is the United States, its longtime ally – twice the defense spending as a share of GDP. The U.S. congress recently reached an agreement, continue to support Israel defense technology. Lawmakers approved for iron dome program on August 1, 225 million dollars in emergency spending, three days after President barack Obama signed into law.

according to the cia world factbook, Israel’s military spending fourth place around the world. Its military power to the private sector. National compulsory military service policy for training high IQ talents of Israel and its network, which helps to establish a powerful network security, supporting the consumer technology industries.

the CEO vagina Nevo, Cimagine development for the room with furniture software of computer vision and image processing technology, drive and iron dome is similar to the missile defense system. Cimagine is not affected by the user moves, the virtual room is fixed on the screen, it just like the rocket positioning into mobile tanks. “We are according to the movement of the surrounding environment, scan 60 times per second, draw 30 times.” Nevo said, “it looks like really.”

another member of Raphael Gavriel Iddan created those. Once swallowed, the 26 mm long capsule with a camera will be in the small intestine transmission image. Iddan declined to comment, rafael also don’t respond to requests for comment. Earlier this year, the world health care giant covidien medical costs $870 million, get Iddan nyan images created by the company together.

technology investors, Jonathan Medved Cimagine support, he expects the iron dome to more strongly the influence of technology, the world witnessed its function.

“I’m sure you can see a lot of companies use iron dome technology.” Jerusalem headquarters people investment website OurCrowd CEO Medved said, “the core of real-time computing is really impressive.”

Source: BI