The date of the highest success rate five artifact

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute Liao Zicheng

ahem, around the “date”, this article has nothing to do with “Pao”. time precious, omission of about 10000 words here background directly enter the stage of reasoning:

a, why the line is the most important catalyst for love have to meet?

A. There is no one but longs to accompany with his deep love for A long time, but at least 1 billion people worldwide to now.

b. everyone have their own unique standards for the other half, and the standard of solid depend on pretty long emotional experience.

c. due to let both sides meet minimum standards for each probability is low, so almost everyone need to spend a lot of time and wealth to trial and error probability, in order to improve the matching until success.

d. very few people have plenty of time and wealth at the same time to undertake all the cost of trial and error, especially time cost.

e. there is only one way to help people spend the least amount of time trial and error: meet in offline. in a usually offline see 10 times more than online communication helps to understand the real each other.

F, therefore, meet in offline is love one of the most important catalyst.

2, why now 99% social products failed to effectively improve user offline dating success rate of ?

A. Root cause: 99% of all social products end ideas to let more people to achieve continuous line exchange, neglected the more important to help people realize the offline communication as soon as possible.

b. 99% social products are too much attention to “judge a person by his appearance”, itself condition better and more show its glamour people always take great advantage of not more than 5% the proportion of the they are accounted for 80% of the eyeball. their misery is to refuse to date N want to talk to myself every day, but not by oneself of the person you like, even has fear, on the date they become very superficial because options too much difficult to continue to focus on one person.

c. while 95% condition is relatively common, only have about a 20% chance of they do not take the initiative to strike up a conversation with a month are being responsive to a rare. even if they are proactive constantly strike up a conversation with “look of the desired one, but rarely get a positive response, make originally is a lack of courage becomes more scarce, they also become blundering.

d. are short of time is very impetuous, and around the world every day at least to produce a new dating products, let already impatient people more difficult to use the same product to develop well potential relationships .

e. social products are relatively easy to become platform, function more do more complete, usually operation become tedious make users edgy.

F. Very not easy after 7 to 10 of those who might have in a long distance and exotic locales, their “relationship” become weak because of the lack of actual contact line on both sides.

g. most of the products are in the same process to help users love: large scale strike up a conversation – interaction – a small scale smaller range interact – both sides to establish a trust – offline first met – continue to see N times beginning be in love – not – repeat step big range strike up a conversation and so on more than N – gains relatively ideal love, stepped down a whole process that takes a lot of time and effort.

3, what kind of social products can effectively improve the success rate of users offline dating?

the author thinks that must meet the following at least one of the three key points:

A. Change the form of communication between users, mainly from the “one to one” to “one to many” give priority to, is A bit behind at the ball.

b. shorten the user to know each other process, let user realize meet offline as soon as possible. even after meeting first to understand, is through a variety of offline scenario allows users to “meet” and “recognize the is” occurred at the same time.

c. change user’s mutual matching mechanism, weakening “show” in appearance, strengthen the interest, values, personality, ability, such as let users at the same time know more might be good for their own people.

pluses: large user base, high active users, users of globalization, etc.

as a senior IT can represent many users otaku, in spent a long time after dozens of social product, the author tend to think that the following 5 product production can more effectively improve the offline dating success rate:

1. Message message

why: in accordance with A, B two key points. Social platform of the country’s largest strangers, dating trends leader, have long the user from online to offline, accumulated vast users with high quality.

2. Tinder

reasons: conform to point B. In the global epidemic of dating, card design for easy operation to be more simple, launch time is 2 months to 10 00000 offline dating for men and women. Although it more on “judge a person by his appearance”, but communication efficiency improved still make it stand out.

3. Please eat

why: in accordance with A, B two key points. Successfully implemented “one to many” communication between users, encourage users to know after meet first, product simple, rough, direct, interesting, without wasting time, as long as you spend a little money.

4. Site (matching)

reasons: conform to the C key points. Changed the user’s mutual matching mechanism, weakening “appearance”, emphasize on “interests and values” in common, the overall user experience well, worth learning all social products.

5. Celebrities go

the reason: the B key points A and C are involved in at the same time. By inviting “ look pretty right ta” together in one of the most influential celebrity stars offline activities, implementation within the shortest possible time to meet and deeper contact, if you continue to day activities of all day together. due to weigh the significance of such activities, such as meet idol, learning, enhance self-confidence, dating, short trips, etc., will be rejected the probability of the lowest, especially in under the condition of full costs of the activity. And in every event can be harvested in the online will not happen “affairs”.

look forward to in the field of offline dating appear more disruptive products, online social entrepreneurs do not only stare, offline is your peach garden!