The elderly social networking websites stitch: let the warm evening love

Zheng Jun of sina science and technology from silicon valley

everyone needs a partner, the elderly more so. Children have a family leave, retired at home, if unfortunate widow, the old man was the most lonesome.

now social networking and dating sites are mostly designed for young people, not specifically for the elderly social opening a garden, and they are just is the most eager to accompany the crowd. This is the old age of social networking websites Stitch, establish origin.

Stitch is silicon valley 500 Startups incubator incubator project for this issue. Their goal is to help the elderly to find their partner, hand in hand to life the last of the sunset time. “For the old man, they just want someone to accompany, that’s all.” Stitch, co-founder of marcie rogge (Macie Rogo) told sina science and technology.

an ageing population is a common problem in many countries are facing. The United States now has over 65 of more than 40 million people, 13% of the population; While China’s population of more than 65 – year – old is reached $200 million, accounting for 15% of the proportion of the total population. Many old people are unfortunate death of a spouse or live alone, they are eager to have a partner can chat, go for a walk, eat, together through life’s leisure life.

Stitch, was founded in March of this year, the team from Sydney, Australia, and then came to the valley to hatch. Site live for three months, although only two areas in the bay area and Sydney limited promotion, but has attracted more than 3000 users. They are currently in the phase of financing, the smartphone and tablet applications will be introduced later this year.

rogge, according to the current user main between 55 and 70 years old age group, especially around the 65 – year – old old man; Moreover, the Stitch, the user is given priority to with women.

“with the continuous development of technology today, the United States a lot of old people will use a computer to the Internet, and after retirement life monotonous boredom, more prompt them to friends, to search for a partner,” she explains. “Our user acquisition costs only half of the regular dating platform”.

Stitch, and other dating sites registered about equal to the charge mode. Users free registration, fill out your name, age, address and other personal information, to introduce their own habits, interests and hobbies, website will according to the user’s area and personal situation, automatic matching. Match the two sides have agreed to contact, Stitch, will provide the contact way of the two old people, let two people communicate through the website of built-in telephone, because the old type is generally slow and inconvenient.
Stich charges mode is also divided into free and charge two modes. Free users can only use the most basic functions, can only see every day an old man’s data, also can’t communicate through the site telephone. To see a number of user data, must be used $9 and $19 a month two different packages, get chance to contact each other directly.

in addition, Stich QueRenFei charge all users at once. The old man pay for the cost, can let Stitch to verify each other. According to verify the data is different, divided into $5, $29 and $79 in different packages, $79 of the most expensive meal includes background checks.

rogge told sina science and technology, “the identity QueRenFei is to let all users feel comfortable, they are going to date of the old man in Stitch, all information provided is true. Old people need a sense of security, but the site to complete the cumbersome process also need to charge.”

“, in fact, many old people don’t want to get married again, but need to have a peer chat, or see a movie or something. Their loneliness than our social life more rich young people’s congress. We have some old consultant, they provide us with much targeted Suggestions “. Rogge said.