The existence of science and technology enterprises, the chief scientist of value

cloud network hunting note: chief scientist, sounds like a tall on the job, the job is to do what? Why do companies to set up the position, explain these questions, hunting cloud network share a article from the original tencent senior product manager of the BLUES (public ID number: bluemidou)

recently, one of the chief scientist of news occupies a significant position in science and technology media: Wu En, baidu’s new chief scientist.

a let students feel the Internet company a title of honor, see the news, immediately think of the tencent’s chief scientist guo-zheng sun, another has also praised by baidu’s former chief scientist William? Zhang

the Internet the company’s chief scientist, what do you usually do? What is the value to the company? With this problem, I am WeChat friends sent a message, because most of our friends all Internet companies, see what you said.

three picture, three the Internet the company’s chief scientist, from left to right, is in turn: tencent’s former chief scientist guo-zheng sun, baidu’s former chief William? Zhang, the newly appointed chief Wu En , artificial intelligence is the most authoritative scholars.

thanks for friends reply here, most of them is a friend of Internet companies, respectively from: tencent, baidu, YY, thunderbolt, etc., and the king of the investment bank also sent feedback, Dr Tencent HR beauty also said to ask chief scientist himself what value problem. All kinds of views, mixed, of course, is more positive; I have sent the message on the secret, let us review the value of the chief scientist, don’t know how many friends of friends will be under review.

value a, appeal

chief scientist, must be the brilliant achievements in the industry of the great god, and employees, and even potential employees, will take him as an idol, at the same time because of the existence of the idol, will let employees more recognized the company’s strength, excellent graduates, also because of the existence of god and select the company for comparison. At the same time, the talents for the industry, is also a great appeal. Guo-zheng sun, for example, when tencent’s chief scientist, 6 position, etc., are many product managers, programmers, looking up at the idol. Remember listening to a guo-zheng sun about big data sharing, is really a sellout crowd, as idol singer.

here are guo-zheng sun tencent weibo authentication information, look from the description, a former, guo-zheng sun already successive tencent’s chief scientist, said don’t know if I went back to do Internet Microsoft advanced technology center chief scientist.

but the one from Google to tencent’s great spirit, though not chief scientist, but fame, has attracted much attention. Wu jun, the author of the peak of the wave, in 2010, wu jun to leave Google, joining tencent company, served as the vice-president of the search business. And as the national major projects “a new generation of search engines and browsers” the head of the project. On June 15, 2012, wu jun send weibo, suggesting that resigned from tencent.

value 2, talents cultivation

in the construction of personnel training and technical team, typically, perhaps baidu’s former chief scientist, William chang. Of course, I have no experience, from the online information summary.

in 2007, a Beijing news reporter interview William zhang. He said:

“I am an airborne troops, but I am not to baidu do technology. I accept the invitation of li to baidu, more because I think in baidu such company set up a perfect and efficient senior technical personnel training mechanism is very challenging one thing, which also happens to be li need. So I told him before to baidu, don’t expect me to lead the matter with a kind of technology development, that is no longer a challenge for me, baidu also do not need such a person exist.”

cultivate the best baidu employees, he is the best engineers in baidu. baidu is now the biggest problem facing is how to cultivate of thousands of people each year through recruitment channels into the technical team, and give full play to their ability and potential. More importantly, baidu should set up a complete and efficient mechanism of talent cultivation.

in China, the first-class graduates into a multinational company, has a first-class engineers. It has become the industry generally faces confusion. William zhang thinks, multinational companies to cultivate excellent Chinese engineers three hurdles: technology transfer restrictions, user environment and provides engineers with the difference between creating effective value of the stage. as a local Chinese company baidu, already broke through the technology transfer restrictions, user environment difference, William zhang in baidu to do one of the most important thing is to “let the engineer to see their own value and effectively.”

in the end, an effective system of talent training, whether in baidu, yet research, have know friends, can reply message to explore. If there is a good talent training mechanism in baidu, baidu’s welcome students to share.

three, value of technological innovation leader

reported data from the outside world to see, the front two chief scientist, in terms of technology innovation, didn’t see the message, perhaps technology confidentiality reasons.

this article from the third chief scientist, Wu En reaches the value direction, should lies in his research field of artificial intelligence technology, the arrival of his, perhaps will bring baidu technology development by leaps and bounds of acceleration. And that, in the circle of friends also reply I can see you, a friend from tencent to baidu’s engineer said very bullish on Wu En, and said he level obviously is higher than the front two, scientists expect to see different places.

data show: Wu En of main focus will be focused on the entrance to help baidu to build artificial intelligence and its construction in silicon valley. Most of the time, Wu En will stay in sunnyvale. “I am for this from the start to participate in the opportunity to establish international research organization excited.” Wu En says, “I have a long-awaited of artificial intelligence, it is a good chance for you to let me return to this.”

value four products and talent view of expand

baidu will be at the end of 2015 to extend the scale of the silicon valley office to around 200, most of them will become deep learning researchers and a computer system engineer. Geeks will focus on such as the construction of low-cost graphics cluster, ‘graphics processors’ research, through a large amount of data of deep learning research booming.

work with the best people, and shall assume the project of challenging, prospective, itself is a kind of to attract excellent talents. Invite Wu En amounted to join baidu, in silicon valley to establish research and development team, is a kind of the layout of the talent strategy for the future, out of doors, more international field of vision, perhaps, the progress of the research and development of artificial intelligence, will provide a new growth opportunities for baidu.