The father of the iPod and founder of the Nest, denied that he has control over Google hardware business

the father of the iPod, the current method of intelligent furniture Nest company founder Tony del (Tony Fadell) on Twitter publicly denied, after media reports of “fadl has full control Google hardware sector”.

good Revelations emerging science and technology media: “sander, skin looked (Sundar Pichai) have been scattered by the Android hardware business team. He within Google greater freedom development space, and fully at the head of the Google hardware product roadmap for the future.”

earlier this year, Google announced a $3.2 billion deal to buy Nest. At that time, the company produced only two product (thermostat and smoke detector), and until now has not been profitable.

due to the camp Nest company business and Google layouts, smart home and the future of the Internet of things is very fit, so after have analysts believe that the future of Google’s Nest will be the search giant in the field of advanced intelligent furniture () one of the most effective way. In addition, given that he himself in apple hardware design, development experience for many years (iPod principal, participated in the research and development of the iPhone’s early), so use it as a Google (possible) hardware products, head of also can yet be regarded as a good choice. However, Google has been rarely independent production hardware products.

however, the news, immediately attracted he denied himself. In his own tweet said publicly: “The reports are completely false Information. I still focus on independent operation Nest on business.