The FBI warned driverless cars or new tools will become a terrorist attack

according to the UK, the FBI has said in a document, driverless cars bring revolutionary change for people to travel at the same time, also brought new crisis inevitable. They believe that terrorists could in the “help” driverless cars make it easier to implement assassination, shooting and bomb attacks.

the FBI first affirmed the Google and other companies to make achievements in the field of driverless cars. But they say the driverless cars have brought “ill-intentioned people” the convenience of high-tech. In the file, the FBI mentioned a called “multitasking” driving conditions.

“multitasking” refers to the driving environment, driverless cars liberated the driver’s eyes and body. For terrorists, that allows them to spend more time and energy, to attack in the car. The FBI, points out that under the multitasking driving conditions, the terrorists can be more efficient for shooting, and even can use the driverless cars manufacturing “the suicide bombings” case.

it should be said that the FBI’s concern is not big problem. For a long time, the development of science and technology is a double-edged sword. We should not be to the progress of technology and “such online”. Technology itself, the innocent, the key problem is the technology developers and users.